Jun 28 2010

Save Money on INK. {a tip from Bb}

You might imagine that Bb goes through a ton of ink and you would be right. I have two printers that I use, both HP. I have used a few different types of printers through the years and have been really happy with my hp printers. I use an all in one for copy, fax & standard printing… though it also prints my cards great, so I use it as a backup. Then for my main card printing I use a large format HP. For ink I go to hp.com … they reward loyal customers and shipping is FREE. On top of this I learned something new today… I googled ‘hp ink coupon code’ and found a coupon for $25 off of $125. I was so excited and just wanted to pass this Bb tip along. Keep checking back, cause I might just learn something else that I will be able to pass along.

Have a great week! — Britta

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