Sep 15 2010

Decorating with Nature…

Justin and I were out on the farm in the jeep checking his trail cams. As we came across a field I said… ooohhhh, what are those? He said they are sumac berries… The way the sun caught them just right made them look like they were on fire. I asked him to stop and I picked a bunch to take home. I put them in an old coffee can and every time I go by them I just can’t help but smile. Not only are they beautiful, but it reminds me of so many walks with my mom and sister where we came home with our arms loaded with things from nature to decorate the house with. Sometimes we would have to drive back later… if it was rocks for the flowerbeds. 🙂 Isn’t God just amazing… look at all the beautiful things He has created.

So, this is just a bit of inspiration to get you over the Wednesday hump… what have you found in nature that you have been able to use to add a little beautiful to your house?

Thanks for stopping by! –Britta


  • briana Says:

    So lovely, Brit! this makes me want to go on a walk and get some cool stuff. except for danged flowerbed rocks.

  • Teresa Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! No artist surpasses the Creator & he does deserve the praise! If you like cranberry or lemon tea…try sumac tea delicious & nutritious!
    ~ Teresa

  • Britta Says:

    Briana… I am sure we will go on more walks and find things to bring home. 🙂

    Teresa… isn’t God amazing! 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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