Oct 25 2010

Bb notecard giveaway!

I finally did it… I updated the Bb blog, it is a work in progress, but I gotta get to work for real now. In the meantime… I decided to give away some Bb notecards. See below for details… 🙂

Tis the Season to Give Thanks!
I love everything about Fall… colors, weather, fires, jeans, sweatshirts, turkey, pumpkins, pumpkin pie… I also love getting mail & sending it, the old-fashion way. It means so much when I get a note in the mail, a friend saying hi or thinking of you, sharing their life with you. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to design & print notecards… the matching recycled envelopes with their rich colors are the icing on the cake!

In honor of Fall & Thanksgiving I am going to give away some of my favorite notecards! ‘Say Something…’ about this post by sharing something you are thankful for & get a chance to win one of three packs of Thankful notecards {Click Say Something… at the end of this post to comment}. Each pack will have a mix of the three notecard designs you see in the pic {2 of each design with matching envelopes}. I will pick 3 random winners on October 29… that way the winners will have time to get their thankful notes in time for Thanksgiving! Make someones day by telling them how you are thankful for them!

I am thankful for Jesus, Justin, Branton, family, friends, Bb clients! for starters… I could go on and on. So much to be thankful for! Thanks for stopping by & good luck! — Britta


  • Nicole-Lynn Says:

    Wonderful! They look great! Would be nice to win so I can send out some thank you’s!


  • SueJane Siver Says:

    Thankful for being reunited with a childhood friend. She is the kind of friend everyone wants and few have. Trusting, unconditional love, compassionate, sacrifices and always there. She is truly a wonderful friend. To me and my family.

  • Tori Says:

    I am so very thankful to be able to do things in life that are so much bigger than myself. I have been overwhelmingly blessed by the people around me who have made it possible for my dreams to come true.

  • Jenny Munoz Says:

    Britta I am thankful for your giving heart! I agree, there is nothing quite like receiving real mail, especially when it’s just because someone took the time to say they were thinking of you! You are good at what you do my friend!

  • meagan weber Says:

    I’m thankful for my husband, family, and friends! And also for creative minds like you who make simple things in life so much better! 🙂

  • Becky Boles Says:

    I am thankful for rainy days and silly smiles from kids and for nap time

  • Heidi Rohr Says:

    I’m thankful for my relationship with God and all it’s been through,
    my CRAZY cute/sweet nieces,
    all 4 Seasons,
    my best friends,
    my Macs :),
    my AMAZING hubs,
    Gilmore Girls &,
    Salt & Pepper.

  • Jennifer White Says:

    I think your notecards are PERFECT! I love notecards and try to send them out every week to encourage friends and family. I don’t want to lose the art of writing with all the social media I do. Thanks for the opportunity. I found you thru Heidi Rohr.

  • Rebekah Davis Says:

    I love fall too! I found this link on Heidi Rohr’s facebook page and I thought the notecards were so cool! I’m thankful for friends to talk to and share life with, for God’s goodness everyday even when it’s a bad day, coffee, falling leaves, and rain 🙂 Just to name a few.

  • Sue Simpson Says:

    I am thankful for many things..especially my wonderful husband of almost 19 years. When we met I was a single Mom of two little girls. God blessed us with this amazing man. I wake up every morning and realize how blessed I am. We now have three children and two Grandchildren.

  • Kristina Wiederhold Says:

    I am thankful for God always providing for our every need and for His many blessings! Amen! 🙂

  • Michelle Miller Says:

    I am thankful that Jesus is in my life and He has given the ultimate sacrifice for me. I am truely blessed every day that He is part of my daily walk!!

    PS: I am also blessed to have two of the BEST kids in Memphis (okay, so I may be a little biased, lol!!!)

  • Nicole Murphy Says:

    I am thankful for: air, water, shelter, nutrients (like sausage and apples), Amelia Murphy, and Kody-Bear.

  • heather Says:

    These are beautiful, Britta. There is, indeed, much to be thankful for.

  • I'm thankful for the blessing of friends...just spent a lovely evening with 100+ women at CCC. Very blessed by Melinda's presence--and thought of you. Beautiful cards, Britta. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing--if I'm not too late. :) Says:
  • Amanda Says:

    I am thankful for my little pumkin (jd) my bigger pumkin (jeffers) and for the maker of the pumkins (Jesus). Thankful for my sister-n-law: ) and for all of my family! Health, food, Sunshine, colors, fresh air… the list could go on forever.

  • Kim Bair Says:

    I am thankful for the art of life! Britta, you are one of my absolute favorite designers in the world! As another type of designer, I really appreciate the artistic, small-town value you share while promoting the “artist” not the “corporations.” Beautiful work…