Jun 22 2013

Interior Design Defined & Re-Defined

Sometimes you have to take some time away from the daily grind and do something you love! I love love to design and make things beautiful whether it is a website, logo, wedding invitations or in and around my home. ThereĀ are a lot of things I love, but today I am focusing on interior design. I think it takes years to make a home your home. We have lived in Biblegrove for 7 years in July. We are still making this home our home. Along the lines of Interior Design we have remodeled bathrooms, painted walls & then repainted, built furniture & signs, hunted {or haunted works too ;)} auctions, junk shops & antique stores, made memories {some great, some not so great}… and we still have some unfinished projects. But we have come a long way baby! We have also had a lot of help along the way.

This is the definition of Interior Design from dictionary.com

Interior Design: noun
1.the design and coordination of the decorative elements of the interior of a house, apartment, office, or other structural space, including color schemes, fittings, furnishings, and sometimes architectural features.
2.the art, business, or profession of executing this.

I think that kindĀ of sums it up. But it sounds too stuffy. Interior Design to me is surrounding yourself with things you love, from the images I share you will probably get a good feel for the things that I & Justin love. I am very thankful to have a husband that has amazing taste and can build me anything we can dream up.

If you are anything like me you LOVE home tours, I just love to see how others decorate, upcycle and put their creativity to good use. I showed a pic of some cool shelves to a my designer cousin and she said… ‘those are nice, very YOU!’ That is what is such fun about design, YOU are the only one that matters here. If YOU love it, it’s beautiful!

So, let me introduce you to our home in progress with a few pics from here and there. And next time I will go into more detail with more pics of each room. Hopefully you will go away with some inspiration and good ideas! And stay tuned for each of the rooms in detail.

THE LIVING ROOM: Mixing His & Her styles can be a challenge but a ton of fun! Justin is a hunter & trapper… so we incorporate his love for the outdoors into our home.
Red Rooster Trading Company Furniture
CREDITS: {Barnwood Wall Mirror, awesome steel & barnwood end tables, factory cart coffee table, behind sofa table & upcycled barnwood candleholder by Red Rooster Trading Company a.k.a. Justin Burrus; Beautiful Flower print by vagabond photography; Needle Felted Lab Pillow by ViAnneli; Paint by master painter Jeremy Burrus; Revamped Lamps by yours truly}


THE KITCHEN: Our kitchen is one of those projects coming soon… we are saving the best for last. But had to show off the Vasser dining room table that Justin builds for Red Rooster Trading Company. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this table and mixing it with a modern sleek chair is the perfect combination. Makes me happy just looking at it. Many memories have been and will be made around this table for years to come, cause it is definitely built to last.

CREDITS: {The Vasser dining room table by Red Rooster Trading Company a.k.a. Justin Burrus}


THE BEDROOM: You might be able to tell that I LOVE color. Our walls are a golden rod venetian plaster. Having such a bold color on the walls makes decorating a fun challenge.

CREDITS: {Awesome Silver ruffle Euro Pillows & smaller cream ruffle pillow by Aunt Sarah}


THE BATHROOM: Small spaces offer a challenge all their own… I Love adding eclectic pieces to add personality & interest.

CREDITS: {Distressed, upcycled window cabinet by Red Rooster Trading Company a.k.a. Justin Burrus; Venetian Plaster & Tilework by master painter & tiler Jeremy Burrus; }


The Family Room: Who says the family room has to be boring. Yes, this is where we keep our Television and video games… and one of my most favorite rooms.

CREDITS: {Antiok – century old barnwood coffee table and jack table by Red Rooster Trading Company a.k.a. Justin Burrus; Circle mirror – one of the first treasures found when we moved back to Biblegrove – hand painted & distressed by yours truly}

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