Aug 12 2013

Working with Rebecca Michaels & violet love headbands giveaway

First… you have come a long way Rebecca Michaels. Your business venture started before I had the privilege of working with you. Me living in tiny Biblegrove, Missouri and you being in PA at the time… I met you via phone calls and email. I was reminded how far you have come because I was cleaning out my office today and I came across some of the first business cards I designed with you. 2008 was the year that I got to start with designing your business card… you already had your look and brand established so my job was minimal, but was I ever excited to have the opportunity to work with you. From there I have worked on various things from labels, postcards, banners, press kits, lookbooks, websites etc etc. What a ride it has been.

You, Rebecca Michaels, have taught me a lot along the way. You quit your job, for goodness sakes, what you went to school for to pursue a dream. You are full of ideas, not afraid to try new things & reinvent your brand. And you are always so gracious. I remember telling people that from the beginning. When an issue arose with the website or we had to work through a print project you always extended grace. With most projects we were in a rush to get to the finish line, but we always got there with awesome results! You are a go-getter, always smiling and not afraid to be you! I love that. Your VL Lovers have fallen in love with you. Your headbands and apparel express who you are and that you want your fans to feel good about who they are, not afraid to show the world. Did I mention your ideas… you are full of them! It has been an honor to work with you and I am very excited about the next project…

I think anyone who reads this can take away a little inspiration and some good advice. Don’t be afraid to step out and pursue your dream. Be you. Your customers know when you are not. People want real. People want genuine. Everyone {friends, family, designers, pr & social peeps, strangers} all have their own ideas of what will or will not work for you and your business. But in the end it is really God & you who knows best. Smile, listen and do what you know is best.

Back to the business cards… you can see from the image above that Rebecca is not afraid to change things up. To reinvent her brand and stay current. Moral of the story… don’t be afraid to try things, be you and maybe change things up a bit. As for me, I am looking forward to seeing what idea Rebecca comes up with next. In the meantime you better hop on over to her websites to shop for your very own VL headbands and Rebecca Michaels apparel… you won’t be sorry.

And what you have been waiting for… a chance to win one of Rebecca Michaels famous violet love headbands! Enter below opens Midnight, August 13, 2013. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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  • Amanda Pulley Says:

    I can second that! I first met Rebecca years ago at the Dallas Market. I was a little intimidated by her beauty, but soon realized how not only beautiful she was, but sweet and talented as well. I had the priviledge of making her a custom vagabond belt and getting to follow her through the fantastic work you (Bb) have done. I have loved watching all that she has accomplished and continues to pursue. Definitely an inspiration! -Amanda

  • Mandy Says:

    Isn’t it awesome to see someone you admire grow their buisness into something great?!?!? It is very inspiring!

    BTW, I really want to win a VL headband! I love them, but I haven’t been able to buy one, yet!

  • Carrie Betzen Says:

    I have been using Violet Love headbands for years and they are my favorite!

  • Michelle Says:

    I have loved her designs literally from the very beginning. I was given a pair of socks and I still wear them to this day!

  • Sophia Says:

    I love looking at Violet Love headbands and would love to win one so I can actually have one!

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