Apr 21 2014

Rustic Design and Furniture

Rustic: (ru.steek) adj. A blend of modern and rustic industrial design.

That pretty much sums up the style of this amazing furniture. Built by Justin of Red Rooster Trading Company this furniture is heirloom quality and will be that piece you can’t stop admiring. Visit www.redroostertradingcompany.com and check out their line of furniture. They also love to build custom. Scroll below for more images.

Rustic Industrial Wine Bar: Using a salvaged metal frame with awesome!! casters, hand.antiqued mirror and vintage hardware using century old barnwood.

red-rooster-furniture2red-rooster-furniture red-rooster-furniture3


red-rooster-furniture6 Rustic Industrial Coffee Table: Using salvaged metal frame, original yellow paint, and century old barnwood.red-rooster-furniture5





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