Aug 22 2010

Future of Instrumentation Workshop

Bb design had a great opportunity to design and program a website for a Department of Energy National Laboratory – Future of Instrumentation Workshop (FOFI) that will take place at Oak Ridge National Laboratory {Oak Ridge, Tennessee} at the beginning of November. Who would have thought that I would get an opportunity like this way out here in Bible Grove. God is so cool!

Thanks to Peter Fuhr for sending it this way… I have had the opportunity to work with him on several projects and I am so thankful for these… as they are not Bb’s typical websites or projects. Sure has been fun to get outside of my design box and work with people that are in fields totally different than mine. I think we have made a pretty good team thus far… check out the snapshot below… and visit the site {} for more or if you are interested in attending.

May 25 2010

the whole package

Ok… so we are not totally done with the whole package… but we are getting there. I met with two wonderful ladies that are on the board of the Memphis Area Pregnancy Care Center, Ellen & Pam… and there are others that give their time to basically save lives. What a wonderful way to serve our community!

We started with the logo, they had the concept down so I just took the idea of little feet wrapped in a heart and added a little Bb style. Then I got to design business cards, letterhead & envelopes to go with it. Our next projects will be signage, brochures & a website. You can visit them right now on their facebook page here. {MAPCC on Facebook} You know how it is with finding volunteers, it is not always the easiest thing to do. So, if you are in the Memphis Area and interested in either volunteering, helping financially or giving baby items I know that the gang at the pregnancy center & the people they serve will be most appreciative.

Check out the initial package below…

May 16 2010

CAWSS :: Custom Website

I had the opportunity to design & build this site a while back, but recently they had me add some of their products to the site. They decided to use paypal to accept credit card payments securely. I highly recommend paypal { for products and/or services }… it has a lot of pros and haven’t come across too many cons. { PAYPAL Pros : very user-friendly, easy to set up buttons, secure, no ssl certificate required, no merchant visa acct required, they take care of the credit card numbers so that you don’t have to have that responsibility, first level has no monthly fee and a low per transaction percentage, I know there are more… }

Anyway… check out the site here CAWSS. And if you are interested in a custom website or adding paypal to your site I would be happy to give you a custom estimate. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

May 10 2010

the business card.

Well, I just had to take a moment to post pics of these business cards. I made them for a friend who has an antique and craft business… if you are in the Yakima, WA area you will have to stop by her booth and see what treasures you can find. { Memories on the Ave, 509 West Yakima Avenue, Yakima, WA }

These cards were a birthday surprise, so I had to be sneaky. I couldn’t ask her what exactly she wanted, good thing I have known her for a few years and she posted some pics of her booth on facebook which helped inspire. She loves color, texture, old things, nature… I printed the colorful design on cool textured paper, gave the edges a bit of a vignette and roughed em up to add to the whole effect.

I am just so excited about these cards. They were almost too hard to give up, I wanted to use them for myself… hehe. It was really hard for me to wait til she received them to blog about them… I did it though, couldn’t ruin the surprise. Hope you ‘likes’ them Nik! Check out the pics below to see what I came up with.

Apr 17 2010

Matthew 25

I recently had the opportunity to work with Matthew 25. They are all about helping & meeting the physical needs of people and showing them who Jesus is, He is good, faithful, full of grace, He loves each one of us just as we are. Matthew 25.40 says… I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. — These folks are doing a lot for Jesus! They wanted a site that would be informative of how others can get involved to help our ‘neighbors’, but making sure they show the heart of their ministry which is the people they can & do help.

I think we came up with the perfect site. It is a custom designed WordPress Site… that way they have all the wonderfulness of wordpress, but a custom Bb site design that sure does stand out from the crowd. {A little bit of that WP wonderfulness = CMS (Content Management System – they can login and update or add new pages), blog or latest events, plugins galore}. Taking it to the next level we added a transitioning slideshow showing the people of the ministry.

Check out their site {}.

Apr 12 2010

Oakwood Industries Billboards

If you have visited the Bb blog lately you have probably seen some of the other projects that I have done with Oakwood. Everything from logo redesign, photoshoots, catalog design&layout, table tents, DVDs & more. It has been such fun working with them.

One of the latest has been these billboards that go on either side of their building on Hwy 136, Memphis MO. I am loving how they are realizing the importance of branding their biz. I think we are doing a great job of letting folks know that there are some changes going on at Oakwood. They have all kinds of ideas up their sleeves…

Anyway… check out the billboards below… if you live in NE MO, maybe you have noticed them as you drive through Memphis coming in from the East or the West. My guess would be… it would be hard to miss these new billboards. And if you have a minute stop by and talk to the Oakwood guys, they are very helpful and I have never caught them without a smile. Ask them about their latest collections…

Apr 5 2010

The Camano Coffee & Mabana Pepper Mill Photoshoot…

Once in a while I get to put on the hat of photographer. I don’t claim to be a photographer, but I do have fun with it and sometimes you gotta get creative and use what you have. So, I lugged an old, yellow chest that I have out to the deck, brought a couple props and took advantage of the natural lighting.

These are product shots for Red Rooster Trading Company. The Camano Coffee Mill & Mabana Pepper Mill: they are not only beautiful but functional too. If you love coffee you have to try out the Camano Coffee Mill… it adjusts to consistently grind from coarse to fine. So, not only do you get an even better cup of coffee, but it looks great sitting out on display. They both make great gifts too!

The first few shots were taken today and the one with the beautiful blue sky was taken a couple days ago. I might have to try it out on another sunny day… that lighting is much nicer. But I don’t think they turned out half-bad and will def use some on the Red Rooster site {}

Check out a few below and see what you think…

Apr 2 2010

Red Rooster Trading Company

Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to have a shop. What would that shop have in it? Cards :), hand made stuff… but not the crafty stuff that you regift or put on a shelf and never think about again. I wanted to have stuff that would be cool, beautiful… yes mainly decorative, but that you would be excited to display in your home. And of course there is the idea that things being handmade in the USA is a good thing.

Well, recently Justin & I have had this great opportunity presented to us! Out of the blue a dear friend of ours, a lot of you might know him as Nate, contacted us with a proposition. The first emotion was excitement… what fun… Justin could take care of the hand.built part, I could handle the design & marketing and ‘they will come’, right? 🙂 Well… we were still excited, but it took us a little longer to take care of the details and there were more of them than expected. We finally got our end of it figured out and viola! Red Rooster Trading Company was born.

Justin is now in the shop quite a bit building ‘The Camano Coffee Mill’ & ‘The Mabana Pepper Mill’ and I have had such fun in building the logo, website & some online ads. Nate has been so patient and kind in training us in the biz. We are keeping the same ‘hand.crafted quality’ of the original Mills and we have some ideas up our sleeves for some other hand.built goods. And not only are these mills cool, beautiful, they actually work and work well. The Camano Coffee Mill will make your morning cup even better! We have even had several orders for each, yahoo!

You know that saying? ‘Things just aren’t built the way they used to be’ — well our goal with Red Rooster Trading Company is to ‘make things the way they used to’. Missouri is known for its quality hardwood. We travel North of us to Amish country to hand.pick the hardwood that is used for the mills. A food-grade stain is used to finish the wood so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. Justin builds each mill with care. And have you seen them? They would look great anywhere! Even if you don’t drink coffee you will want to get one of your own for display.

You might have noticed while reading, but we are still really excited and can hardly wait to get some other things added to the shop. Check out the pics below of the logo and website. And be sure to check the store often for our latest arrivals. You can also find Red Rooster on facebook here {} and visit the site here {}

Thanks so much for stopping by! And come again soon…

On a side note: Nate had actually hired me a couple years ago to do some of his marketing materials… logo, mailers, labels & online ads for Camano Coffee Mills. What fun!

Mar 29 2010

Let the Campaigning Begin…

It’s that time of year… start staking your signs, passing out your info and making your voice heard. Some might think that campaign design is not the most fun or creative project. But I had fun designing for several campaigners… from school board & city marshal to First District State Representative. From the initial concepts combined with my clients ideas I think we came up with some designs that definitely stand out from the crowd.

Signs are a pretty standard campaign marketing product, but a few of my clients have realized the benefits of business cards. Each of these utilized a 2-side business card… the front tells what they are running for and catches the eye… the back has all the necessary info. Business cards are so versatile and such an inexpensive way to get the word out about your business or campaign.

If you {or someone you know} are looking for campaign materials {signs, business cards, bumper stickers, door hangers, website etc} that stand out from the crowd Bb design would love to hear from you. or (660) 883-5523.

Good luck to all these campaigners! And don’t forget to exercise your freedom and cast your vote!

Mar 24 2010

Custom Coffee Mug

Imagine my delight when Oakwood asked me to design a coffee mug. I think it turned out pretty cool, especially when you have such a small space and only two colors to work with. I have been enjoying drinking my coffee out of this cup, check it out below…

Do you need a custom mug or custom pretty much anything to brand and market your business, wedding, event? If you haven’t gotten the idea Bb design is all about custom, getting to know my clients and the ideas that they have for their business. From there we work together to come up with great ways to get the word out! I would love to hear from you and get a ‘custom’ estimate together. Feel free to call or email (509) 429-1989 or to get started.