Jun 2 2010

The story of a logo…

As a designer when I look at a logo I always wonder how many steps it took them to get to the final. I am sure that others go about getting there in a different way than Bb design, but this is how it works around here. {As all designers will know, not every story goes quite this smoothly… sometimes it might take a few or several more steps to get to the end.}

Step 1. Initial meeting with client — in real life or virtual — get any ideas client might have, colors, style, what they want their logo to say about their business etc.
Step 2. Dream, pray & think about ideas. Seriously, praying for me is a big part of the story. After all God is so big and look at His creation… talk about a creative! His supply of creativity is limitless and He knows my client even better than I do! Ideas and concepts sometimes come at funny times, while I am supposed to be sleeping or while I am out on a run. I love this part of it!
Step 3. Research — see what’s out there for the client’s profession or business. How can we stand out from the crowd? Get outta the box, yet still remain professional & true to their profession or business.
Step 4. Concepts — Depending on the package we come up with 2-3 concepts for the client to choose from. This is always fun, cause I get to work with fonts, colors and the mark.
Step 5. Client chooses one or a mix of all the concepts and it is revision time.
Step 6. Present final logo to client & it’s time to use the new logo in all promotional materials!

Benefits of a custom Bb logo: a.} You will get what you want. b.} Each logo is a custom design. NO clip art here. c.} You are part of the team, it is important for Bb to get to know each client and from there build the logo they want & need. d.} Each logo is built as a vector-based file, so you will get all the file formats you need whether for a website, billboard, tshirt, business card, signage etc.

The latest logo project Bb got to work on was for the Scotland County Pharmacy. This is the story…

Client said he likes old time apothecary, blue, and mortar and pestle, but maybe the mortar and pestle was used too much? { Do you know how excited I was when I heard old time apothecary?? }

After the initial dreaming, praying & researching Bb presented 3 concepts to SC Pharmacy… and we mixed a couple of them to come up with the final logo. Even if other pharmacies are using a mortar & pestle as part of their logo I haven’t seen it used quite like this and we added an old time apothecary bottle to make it stand out that much more. One of the fun parts of building a custom logo is reinventing an idea. After all … there isn’t anything new under the sun, but it sure is fun trying to present it in a different way!

Check out the images of the initial concepts, final logo & business cards below… we were all very happy with the end result! What do you think?

May 10 2010

the business card.

Well, I just had to take a moment to post pics of these business cards. I made them for a friend who has an antique and craft business… if you are in the Yakima, WA area you will have to stop by her booth and see what treasures you can find. { Memories on the Ave, 509 West Yakima Avenue, Yakima, WA }

These cards were a birthday surprise, so I had to be sneaky. I couldn’t ask her what exactly she wanted, good thing I have known her for a few years and she posted some pics of her booth on facebook which helped inspire. She loves color, texture, old things, nature… I printed the colorful design on cool textured paper, gave the edges a bit of a vignette and roughed em up to add to the whole effect.

I am just so excited about these cards. They were almost too hard to give up, I wanted to use them for myself… hehe. It was really hard for me to wait til she received them to blog about them… I did it though, couldn’t ruin the surprise. Hope you ‘likes’ them Nik! Check out the pics below to see what I came up with.

Oct 11 2009

why blog?

I don’t get this question {why blog?} asked directly… but you know how they say ‘actions are louder than words’? Well, that is the reason why I am thinking people don’t realize the amazing benefits of blogging.

The Why…
1. It’s FREE!
2. It is a great marketing tool! – why? do you realize that everything you write about is then searchable and use your tags… these are very important. You just never know how someone will find you via search engines.
3. Makes visitors realize that you are legit – you can show projects you are working on or completed.
4. Portfolio – a great place to post your work. Whether it is photography, graphic design, invitations… whatever it is that you do or offer.
5. FRESH – keeps your site fresh, alive, current… need I say more? Ok, so I will anyway… people want to see movement, see that you are busy as a bee, see who you have worked with… they also enjoy seeing the process of how you get to a final design, photo or end of project. Of course you don’t want to share all your secrets. 😉
6. Did I mention it is FREE?!?

The How…
1. Post Consistently – Even if it is once a month… keep it constistent.
2. Go personal {within reason :)} – share a little of what you are doing besides being the best entrepreneur you can be. People like to see who is behind the business.
3. Share what others are saying about your business. If you post a completed project, there is no better way to ‘market’ than with a happy client.
4. Use your tags – tags are keywords within your post, these are great ways to drive people to your site. Even if you are a photographer and blog about a remote ghost town you have shot, tag it. Visitors will find you.
5. Pictures really do say a thousand words. People like to look at pictures… don’t you?


I have also used a blog as a way to post NEWS… check out Wi-Fi Sensors, Inc. and click on NEWS.  It is a great way to have your most current news listed and also has all the benefits of a blog… just in a slightly different way.

Well, I am sure there is more to say, but maybe I better take my own advice and cut it short and funny I don’t have any pics for this blog. I definitely don’t have this blogging thing down but I am learning and I have seen some of the benefits. So, I wanted to share with you all. AND just so you don’t think that Hot air is all I am full of check out this cool post I stumbled upon one day. { http://webworkerdaily.com/2009/08/22/your-blog-is-your-mothership/ }

One question… what do you think about blogging? Have you seen any of the benefits? I am sure that I have missed some of the WHY’s and HOW’s … so I would love to hear what you have to say about all this blog stuff.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Blogging.

Jun 8 2009

How do I know if my website visitors STAY or CLICK AWAY?

Not only does Britta burrus design offer custom website design & programming, but we also offer domain name registration & hosting.

Why would you want us to register your domain when you can go do it yourself? Well… let me tell you, we have had experience with clients that either registered their own domain or had a friend do it. In some way or another the domain expired and was lost. We contacted the buyer to see if they would sell it back, but they all wanted a hefty price. Once someone has something that they think someone else values, they see a chance to make some money. In three different cases we contacted the registrar for 3 different domain names and they wanted from $1,000 – $5,800 for each one. Needless to say, you want to be very careful not to let your domain name expire. An easy way to do that is to have us register your domain name for you.

We also offer website hosting, which includes a detailed monthly webstat report, seach engine submission & optimization. The webstat report enables a website owner to see where their clients are visiting from, what keywords they are using to get there, how many returning & new visitors. The report also shows the bounce rate & amount of time spent on your site, which is how you can tell if your visitors STAY or CLICK AWAY. The search engine submission & optimization helps your site move up in search engine rank, so that when internet surfers search they will be able to find your site quickly. The webstat report is a great tool for a website owner.

Once you have a website it is important to advertise it. It is similar to opening a storefront, usually you don’t just sit back and expect people to show up. You have to get the word out that you have arrived and give them a reason to stop by and stay awhile! Then from there the purpose of your website is to  sell your product or services and give them the info they are looking for quickly!

If you are interested in a website, domain name registration and hosting feel free to call (509) 429-1989 or email to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

May 10 2009

the website.

Do your website visitors STAY or CLICK AWAY? One of the most important pieces of your marketing package is the website. This is where most of the world will go to find out more about your business. Who you are, what you do, references & how seriously you take your business. You can use your print materials to give a taste of what your business is about and entice the potential client to check out your website where they will get the full meal deal.

Even though you want to give more details about your business through your website you don’t want to bore your visitors with too much. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. And always remember that a picture really does say a thousand words. (I may have to dedicate an entire blog about the importance of imagery. It is great to meet a client who realizes the importance of their images and who is willing to invest in that part of their package. )

The initial cost of a website is what catches people off guard. But keep in mind that once the professional, branded website for most businesses is up it will last quite a while with only minor updates to think about. Your business website is not the area to cut your marketing cost. The whole world has the potential to see it and you want them to know how seriously you take your business & that you will also take their potential business seriously.  I have heard over and over again from different folks that if they come across a site that is mostly text and not just that, but very ‘homemade’ they just leave right away, thinking that whoever put the site up is not trustworthy & they don’t take their business seriously.

That being said… I would love to hear your comments or experiences with different websites. What do you appreciate in a business website you are visiting and what makes you  STAY and want more or CLICK AWAY to a different site?

Check out the Bb portfolio {www.brittaburrus.com/port.html} of websites & more.  The goal of Britta burrus design is for their clients’ sites  to stand out from the crowd, be user-friendly, easy to find what the visitors are looking for and brand! brand! brand! their business. 

If you (or someone you know) are in need of a website, whether for your business or even a personal site, feel free to call (509) 429-1989 or email with questions or to get started!

Come back soon & I will share some secrets on how to tell if the visitors of your website STAY or CLICK AWAY!

MORE blogs about the importance of each marketing piece…
{the logo} {the business card} {the letterhead}

Mar 18 2009

the business card.

Pick Up Value : -adjective Everything that makes your potential client/customer want to pick up that business card and know more. Its what makes them want to check into your biz and see what you are all about.

Once you have a logo, the next step is to start using it to brand & market your business. Use your logo as a foundation and build from there. I love to use the logo as inspiration for future designs in the whole marketing package.

The business card is underrated. It is one of the least expensive ways to market your business. The design, print & paper are essential to the ‘pick up value’ of the final piece.

Check out the business card designs below. I am thinkin the ‘pick up value’ is pretty high. Who wouldn’t want to pick up a card that uses color or the lack of color to its highest potential. Not only that, but when the card is flipped there is even more to pull them in. The paper used is heavy weight, smooth or textured, gloss or dull matte finish is chosen depending on what the biz is about. Add some rounded corners to set yourself even more apart. The options are endless.

Use this inexpensive tool to entice the client to visit your website where you answer more questions and give them the full story of what you are about. Check out more designs at the Bb portfolio.  If you (or someone you know) are in the need of business cards with a high ‘pick up value’ feel free to call (509) 429-1989 or email for pricing & ideas.

Arlys & Co. Business Cards :: Kept classic by using Black & White. The back has a blank spot for appts.
Arlys & Co. Business Cards :: Even though this business card is very simple, it is classic, using Black & White. The back has a blank spot used for appointments.
vagabond photography
vagabond photography :: using the guitar & keeping the urban, edgy feel she uses in her photography was important to this client.
Whispering Pines Winery
Whispering Pines Winery :: This beautiful logo was best captured by using a vertical layout. Even with all the info, it is still clean by utilizing both sides.
violet love
violet love :: she already had her logo & look in place, so it was not difficult to make this card delicious.

Mention CODE: Bbblogbc09 and receive $10 OFF business card Printing. Offer expires April 30, 2009

Feb 24 2009

the logo.

The logo is the foundation, the starting point. It will set the whole tone of what your promotional materials will say to the world, your marketplace.

It is amazing all that you can get into a logo without going overboard. Knowing when ‘enough is enough’ is important. What needs to be said with your mark and what can be left out of the logo and said with other projects is key.

Check out some of these logos below and see if you can interpret what the business owner wants to communicate to you with just their logo. Scroll down to the bottom to see how close you get.

Americas Renewable Energy
America's Renewable Energy


Bradley Insurance Agency
Bradley Insurance Agency


Fistful of Talent
Fistful of Talent


Mid-States Manufacturing & Engineering
Mid-States Manufacturing & Engineering


Outdoor Club - A Ministry of Stanwood Area Youth for Christ
Outdoor Club - A Ministry of Stanwood Area Youth for Christ


This is what is being said by each of these logos…(so we hope).

America’s Renewable Energy The green and leaf represent growth, sustainability and renewability. The leaf is a soy bean leaf and the drop of oil falls into a pool with endless rings (also says sustainable and renewable). The name really encompasses what they want to say, but the logo wraps it up in a nice package and could be understood without the business name included.


Bradley Insurance Agency This agency specializes in crop insurance. I had given a couple different concepts with both wheat & corn, wheat was chosen. I love how the ‘y’ in Bradley gently surrounds and holds the wheat, just like an insurance company should. They wanted to be professional and clean but have an approachable and inviting feel.


Fistful of Talent This logo was designed for a blog header — Tagline ‘Recruiters, HR, Consultants and Corporate Types on all things Talent…’ . The idea was to use the header as a visually enticing element that gets people curious and want to stick around a while and see what fot is all about. Check it out (www.fistfuloftalent.com) & see whatcha think.


Mid-States Manufacturing & Engineering This logo was designed for a Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer. They are mostly a company that focuses on Custom products for their clients. This logo says professional, strong, steel, all the while highlighting one of their specialty products, the 5th wheel steer-wagon. We also did a version of the logo without the truck to use on some of the more detailed projects (i.e. Banner, Catalog Cover etc.) that if the truck logo was used would take away from the rest of the piece.


Outdoor Club (a ministry of Stanwood Area Youth for Christ) The OC logo was a lot of fun. They wanted to have a compass as part of the logo and of course the outdoors (It’s located on the west coast so the mountains worked well). Can you see the compass in the sunshine? The colors and paint brush font keep it young and fun, adventurous… all what the logo is meant to say!


These are just a few of the logos I have had the opportunity to design and develop with the help of my wonderful clients. I think it is important for my clients to be a part of the whole process. We are a team. I listen to the ideas and what they have envisioned for their business and then it is my job to get that packaged into the perfect mark that will tell the world what they are about.

Check out the Bb portfolio for some more logos & other projects. After all the logo is only the foundation, from there you need to build your brand with your marketing package. { business cards, stationary, advertising, website & more }

If your business (or someone you know) is in need of a logo or other design project feel free to call or email to discuss it and get a FREE estimate. Let the fun begin!