Dec 19 2013

Pop! Goes the Color Weasel


Image source: Stellan Herner for Swedish ELLE Decor
Jonathon Ensor is a freelance design blogger writing on behalf of Empire Today. He thinks there needs to be a hip-hop song lyric featuring the rhyming of “puce” and “chartreuse”.

Lately, I’ve been feeling trapped by creams, taupes and oatmeals. Neutrals are timeless for a reason – they’re easy and elegant backdrops for getting creative. But when I noticed my living room was the same color scheme as my dentist’s waiting room…some flags went off in my brain and they were crimson, not ecru. › Continue reading

Jun 22 2013

Interior Design Defined & Re-Defined

Sometimes you have to take some time away from the daily grind and do something you love! I love love to design and make things beautiful whether it is a website, logo, wedding invitations or in and around my home. There are a lot of things I love, but today I am focusing on interior design. I think it takes years to make a home your home. We have lived in Biblegrove for 7 years in July. We are still making this home our home. Along the lines of Interior Design we have remodeled bathrooms, painted walls & then repainted, built furniture & signs, hunted {or haunted works too ;)} auctions, junk shops & antique stores, made memories {some great, some not so great}… and we still have some unfinished projects. But we have come a long way baby! We have also had a lot of help along the way.

This is the definition of Interior Design from

Interior Design: noun
1.the design and coordination of the decorative elements of the interior of a house, apartment, office, or other structural space, including color schemes, fittings, furnishings, and sometimes architectural features.
2.the art, business, or profession of executing this.

I think that kind of sums it up. But it sounds too stuffy. Interior Design to me is surrounding yourself with things you love, from the images I share you will probably get a good feel for the things that I & Justin love. I am very thankful to have a husband that has amazing taste and can build me anything we can dream up. › Continue reading

Sep 29 2011

Burrus Happenings in June 2011

Oh dear… it’s been too long since I have bloggity blogged. Summer happened… so thought I’d post a collage of some of the highlights – this one takes care of June. We took some time off & got to go to WA state to visit family and friends, fish, hike, shop… and headed down to a wedding that Branton and I had the privilege of being a ring bearer & bridesmaid for one of my dear friends. Our garden was amazing and started to produce really early this year. Branton, our little fish, is such an incredible swimmer, he is so much fun to watch and did so well on swimteam! These pictures represent our lives away from work. :) We all gotta have that balance… sometimes it’s hard to find, but it is definitely worth it.

I am so glad to get some pics as time just flies so it’s good to go back and remember some of the memories made. Enjoy the photos and check back soon for some fun project posts and more photo memories.