Nov 26 2011


Happy Small Business Saturday! What a great idea! Read more about it… {}

A few ideas on how to Shop for Small Business Saturday.

1. Gift Certificates – Most local shops & restaurants offer gift certificates which make it easier for that someone special to get exactly what they wished for! I was talking to my aunt the other day and she had the idea of getting a gift certificate for carpet cleaning, I think that is a fabulous idea!! Something that you might put off with your own money but would love to have done.

Check out Violet Love Brands, Inc. – they offer gift certificates that you can redeem online if you can’t find a location near you to buy everything from headbands to loungewear to evening wear and all in rebecca michael’s signature soft fabrics.

2. A Clean House – Why not hire your favorite cleaning crew for your mother, auntie, sister, friend… ! I don’t know about you, but when things are busy, which they usually get even more so during the Holiday season, it is a wonderful feeling to have a clean, fresh house.

3. Photo Shoot – How bout paying for a photoshoot for your favorite family! Everyone loves family pics and if you are like us don’t get them done often enough!

Check out these fine photographers for the NE Missouri area { and} & the Austin, TX area {}

4. Handmade – Make something! And even if you aren’t the crafty type, something purchased that is handmade just makes it that much more special.

Check out Red Rooster Trading Company for some hand.built, beautiful & functional gifts. {} Use coupon code SMALLBIZSAT for 10% off all products!

There’s also A Girl Thing – Teresa and her girls repurpose vintage goods & clothing into fashionable pieces of clothing, jewelry & accessories.

I would love to hear what your gift ideas are and how you will shop Small Business Saturday!!


Oct 19 2011

Justin the Builder.

I am not the builder. I love to design, paint things, create my cards, cook, dream etc… but I am not the builder. And sometimes I am not even the designer. I just had to share pics of these pieces that Justin my builder not only designed but built from reclaimed barn wood for our anniversary and my birthday. I know… I am a lucky girl and so thankful to have my very own builder! I am in love with Justin and the furniture he builds! 🙂

We both had to work a little for these pieces… I was working away at my computer and he says ‘Let’s go!’ — When Justin says that I never know what to expect… it may be a drive over the farm to scout for deer or go rock hunting {yes, we have to hunt for rocks in Biblegrove — but that is another story in itself}, it may be a spontaneous trip to the city for a date or to find that tool needed for his latest project. On this day ‘Let’s go!’ meant something entirely different. We headed to an amazing old barn… a tall barn that we climbed and climbed to the top. From there we hauled out some old barn wood that had been milled years and years ago… it was stored in the barn. And it was work! But work that was well worth it, as you shall see.

FIRST: A beautiful coffee table made from reclaimed barn wood. Justin surprised me for our anniversary with this piece… he wondered what I would change about it. NOTHING!

SECOND: This rustic console/buffet/whatever you want it to be – amazing!! This one he surprised me with for my birthday, which is only a few days away from our anniversary.

THIRD: A Garden arbor that goes perfectly with our fence — as you can see I am trying to get climbing roses to take off up and around it. Can hardly wait to see how it looks next year! Another birthday surprise… I had gone to town and came back to him, Branton & gpa & gma all helping to get this done before I got back.

June was a good month for me. 🙂 Justin & Branton sure know how to make a girl feel loved and they went above and beyond with these amazing works of art. And did I mention it is work! 🙂 Barn wood is usually really hard and not easy to work with… but that is part of what makes these pieces that much more special. This isn’t really a DIY, it’s more of a Justin did it… but you never know, you may just be able to find your own pieces by Justin someday… Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your time here and maybe got a little inspiration!

PS Did you see the really cool Red Rooster Felted silhouette pillow on my couch? Well, if you fell in love with it you are in luck! You can find these pillows at viAnnelli on etsy {}. Rumor has it she will even do custom silhouettes… all I said was, could you do a Red Rooster and she came up with the perfect, felted Red Rooster silhouette… can’t beat that!

Oct 11 2011

vagabond photography – belts & pendants

OH MY GOODNESS! LOOK what I got in the mail today… Already have my pendant around my neck. You know you want your own vagabond photography belt & pendant with your kiddos, favorite pet, rig, location… with that vagabond style we all have come to know and love! And the way she packages her goods is just the icing on the cake!

vagabond currently resides in Austin, Texas… but is known to make trips to various parts of the world, more often to CA, WA & MO. Now is your chance to contact her to book your next shoot… just in time for Christmas! Can you imagine your vagabond pics as Christmas cards too… oh dear, you better hurry. or 949.335.2285

Oct 4 2011

Handpainted Business Signs

I believe in ‘curb appeal’! Especially when it comes to your business. When you have a storefront it is important to show on the outside that you care about your customer and what you are offering them. A hand.painted business sign is one way {and not as expensive as you may think} to show that and draw your customers inside for more! The hand.painted part is not the only beautiful part of these signs… they also have logos & a color palette that make them stand out and allow the sign artist to shine! I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Meyer on a few different signs… he has been hand.painting signs for a long time and it definitely shows. Not only are these signs beautiful, but since Mike has the experience he knows how to make them so that they last for years to come. Check out the signs he hand.painted below using custom logos by Bb design… now don’t you just want to stop in and see what’s going on behind these doors. If you are in NE Missouri Area… you may have seen these signs… I am hoping to get a few more up in the area. Aren’t they beautiful! What a fabulous and cost effective way to show a little pride in our community & businesses.

First up is the Scotland County Pharmacy… I had the privilege of building their logo a while back and was so excited when they decided to get a sign made using their new logo. Mike is pictured with his wife, Aileen, in the first picture… it was so much fun to meet this couple. They love life & really enjoy what they do together!

Mike Meyer Signs

Scotland County Pharmacy

Next up is Memphis Area Pregnancy Care Center. With the combination of the new sign & the vinyl decal in the window, this really makes their curb ‘appeal’ just that much more and makes people take notice. Mike graciously hung up the sign for us as we are not the experts in sign hanging.

Memphis Area Pregnancy Care Center

MAPCC Hand Painted Sign

And last but definitely not least… The Willows Lakehouse. I have been working with The Willows for several years on different projects, starting of course with their logo… if you have not discovered the Willows, you must check out their site and plan a visit. Especially if you are in NE Missouri area… this is the perfect getaway that is not too far away! {} Mike took the Bb sign design & hand.painted it to make a sign that I would even love to decorate my home with!

The Willows Lakehouse Retreat

NE Missouri Lakehous for Rent

OK, just one more… Red Rooster Trading Company… Mike took the logo I built for Red Rooster and knocked this one way way outta the park. I actually do have this one hanging in my living room cause we loved it so much! Mike sent me some behind the scenes pics of the Red Rooster sign which I will blog about soon! He really takes care in his work & it shows, what a gift!

Red Rooster Trading Company

Thanks for stopping by! And if you are interested in pricing for a hand.painted sign by Mike Meyer & Britta burrus design. give me a shout… call or email and I will be glad to discuss your needs/wants for your business. 509-429-1989 or

PS… I think a personal sign would also be wonderful… so if you are interested in one for your living room, kitchen, hanging outside somewhere {barn, garage, house} or bathroom… whatever your ideas, I know we can come up with something beautiful!

Sep 29 2011

Burrus Happenings in June 2011

Oh dear… it’s been too long since I have bloggity blogged. Summer happened… so thought I’d post a collage of some of the highlights – this one takes care of June. We took some time off & got to go to WA state to visit family and friends, fish, hike, shop… and headed down to a wedding that Branton and I had the privilege of being a ring bearer & bridesmaid for one of my dear friends. Our garden was amazing and started to produce really early this year. Branton, our little fish, is such an incredible swimmer, he is so much fun to watch and did so well on swimteam! These pictures represent our lives away from work. 🙂 We all gotta have that balance… sometimes it’s hard to find, but it is definitely worth it.

I am so glad to get some pics as time just flies so it’s good to go back and remember some of the memories made. Enjoy the photos and check back soon for some fun project posts and more photo memories.

Apr 14 2011


Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. ~Thomas Edison

They say pictures say a thousand words, but it helps to have a good quote to go along with it… 🙂 Thomas Edison’s quote is convicting, inspiring, a good reminder… but it also says that anything is possible with a good idea and a lot of hard work. Now I guess I better get to work…


Apr 13 2011


Now this is inspiring!! See what spring brings… last year I don’t think we even had anything planted yet. This is a new year and thanks to some new-found garden friends we were advised to plant early. Right after we planted we got snow… Justin & I worried that our efforts would be wasted. But Lorraine informed me that you always need an onion snow, right after you plant your onions you need a snow… and sure enough not long after that our peas started to pop & the onions are looking good too. How can this not inspire you… looks like we might need to find a pea-sheller. 🙂 God is so cool, every time I walk by I just love to see how much they have grown… and sometimes I will even just go to the window to look at them. It must be love…

Apr 1 2011

Spring Notecard Giveaway…

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED… if you are interested in Bb notecards, email Thanks for stopping by!

Yay! Spring really is on the way, we have blue skies, some clouds & winds… but gives hope for sure! For this Fabulous Freebie Friday there’s going to be a drawing. Check out the cards below… I took a little time today and created some cards. For those of you that have known me a little or a long time, you probably know that I LOVE LOVE to make cards. I love to get cards, I love to give cards, I love to design cards, I love cards… and not just my own. I like funny cards, I like quirky cards… it’s amazing what you can say with a personal note. If there are cards in a store I am instantly drawn to that section and I want to go through all of them and buy buy buy. Below is a card that my sister sent me a while back for my bday… LOVE it… isn’t it classic! It really meant a lot that she took the time to find something that is clever & funny… made me laugh for sure!

There will be THREE lucky winners of the Bb spring notecards below. [fbshare] Each winner will receive one package of the following: 3 Pink & 3 Yellow with coordinating recycled envelopes from waste note paper. To enter just click on ‘say something’ below this post and leave a comment. I am getting a bit of a late start today for the freebies, so I will keep the contest open til Monday a.m. The Bb notecards are left blank inside intentionally and they are 4bar size, just enough to write your note and not too much so as to write a book.

Don’t you have something to say to somebody special? Why not say it the old fashioned way, with a keepsake notecard. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you have a fabulous weekend! Click a link below to pass it on!

Mar 31 2011

Get outta your head…

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. ~Marc Chagall

Found the quote above on creating…got me thinkin {uh oh} I have a confession, I love watching American Idol — I record it so I don’t miss an episode. Justin would tell you I am obsessed, but ya know what… I think he secretly enjoys watching with me. 🙂 One of the positive critiques that the judges say a lot is something like… don’t overthink it, get outta your head. A good example of this is Casey from 2011 season. He is an amazing artist, can’t believe he was almost voted off last week… but for the last couple weeks he just didn’t seem to be himself. I think he was letting what others said about him & told him to do mess with him & get into his head, instead of just doing what he is amazing at, do what he loves! He definitely got outta his head this week. Wow.

The people that stand out in the world are those that know who they are and are ok with that. They don’t have to please everyone all the time or change their looks, views, friends just to make someone happy. They love what they do and it definitely shows! I saw another quote somewhere, hmmm, probably on facebook… :). I can’t remember exactly what it is… so be back in a sec to google it. -please enjoy the music while on hold- doo doo doo — OK, I am back found it…

You will make a lousy anybody else, but you will be the best “you” in existence.–Zig Ziglar

LOVE LOVE this quote! It’s so easy to get caught up on what everyone else is doing and think… sigh, oh I sure wish I could do that or man I shoulda thought that up! I love that God made each of us unique & we all have our own story! I definitely didn’t picture my journey the way it has gone and is going… some bumps, muddy ditches, even mountains along the way… but my oh my the unexpected sunrises, blue skies, ocean waves, lightening storms! I am excited to see how my story continues to unfold… I am sure there will be some bumps along the way, but hopefully that will make me appreciate even more the unexpected surprises. While typing this I remembered this verse {yes, I had to go google it, but I thought I’d spare you the hold music… I am NOT an American Idol :P}.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12.2

God is the author of our story! He has the best in mind for each one of us… and loves each of us so dearly — He even rejoices over us with singing! Don’t believe me? I don’t just make this stuff up… 🙂 Look up Zephaniah 3.17 {I’ll make it easy — click here} So, get outta your head & keep your eyes on Jesus – the author & perfecter of our faith.

Mar 28 2011

Billboard, Billboards & MORE Billboards…

Hi, Spring is in the air and people are thinking about marketing their biz, standing out from the crowd, getting the word out! In spite of all the valuable online marketing tools, Billboards are still a great way to advertise your biz and grab someone’s attention. I had the privilege of working with several people in the Memphis, MO area on their billboards. If you are from this area, you may have seen them as you are on your way to and from work, school, grocery shopping, etc. Billboards are fun & challenging as you don’t want them to be too busy. You only get a small window of time to grab their attention as they are zooming by. See what we came up with below… and keep your eyes out on the road.

You may also recognize some of the Oakwood pics from our photoshoot with vagabond photography {}, not only is Amanda an amazing photographer but she also styles & stages her shoots! And Mona from Mona’s photography took the shots of the adorable babies on the SC Hospital billboard.