Aug 29 2012

Furniture Staging & Photography

I had the privilege to team up with Amanda of vagabond photography once again on a photoshoot for Oakwood Industries. As always we had a blast working together and I must say the images came out wonderfully. LOVE their latest furniture collections. You should definitely head down to their showroom on HWY 136 in Memphis, MO! Just in time for Christmas I’d say! Photos courtesy of vagabond photography!

fine modern solid wood furniture

fine modern solid wood furniture

fine modern solid wood furniture

Oct 11 2011

vagabond photography – belts & pendants

OH MY GOODNESS! LOOK what I got in the mail today… Already have my pendant around my neck. You know you want your own vagabond photography belt & pendant with your kiddos, favorite pet, rig, location… with that vagabond style we all have come to know and love! And the way she packages her goods is just the icing on the cake!

vagabond currently resides in Austin, Texas… but is known to make trips to various parts of the world, more often to CA, WA & MO. Now is your chance to contact her to book your next shoot… just in time for Christmas! Can you imagine your vagabond pics as Christmas cards too… oh dear, you better hurry. or 949.335.2285

May 1 2010

get your own vagabond belt!

I just finished updating the website of vagabond photography. I recoded a bit of it to make it easier to update in the future, cleaned it up some and re-organized. Guess you could call it spring cleaning. Then for the fun part, I got to add more of her amazing pictures to the photography page and vagabond has reduced the prices of her belts!

Did you hear that? You can get your very own vagabond belt with reduced prices!! You’ll just have to check out her site for yourself and find your belt. A vagabond belt seems like a perfect gift for mom too, after all Mother’s day is just around the corner! If you don’t find that perfect one, you can always go for vagabond custom… contact her for more info See some pics below and to get the whole story check out the site. { }

Aug 5 2009

Back in the groove…or maybe it’s grove!

So, if you hadn’t noticed I have not blogged in quite a while… our family went on a little vacation. We got outta the Grove & headed to Texas to meet our first ever nephew, Judah Davis Pulley. What a cutie… Jeff & Amanda are the proud parents. They are all doing great! Amanda took some amazing pics of him, see below for a sneak peek… check back soon to see the baby announcement I got to design for Judah!


Of course while we were gone our garden exploded! I had the chance to can some of our green beans before we left, but I came home to a refrigerator full of beans ready to can & more to pick soon. We were lucky to have Jeremy here to pick a load. I was so thankful to have help… my sister, dad & mom came back from Texas with us and I put them straight to work. They were pretty willing to help. 🙂 My mom says ‘you reap what you sow’, they are all going to reap big time! Since we have been back we have had such a plentiful harvest, it is really amazing. God is so cool!





We have had a garden each year since we have been here, I guess this is our third year. And what a harvest!! We have all snapped & canned, snapped & canned green beans galore, then we even had enough to share with Justin’s mom and aunt. There will be plenty in the winter to enjoy. I now understand where the saying ‘beans coming out of your ears’ came from… Besides green beans, we have cucumbers, squash, zukes, tomatoes, taters, onions & soon to come, corn. We have made zucchini bread, salsa & tried squash several different ways. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am so so so thankful for all the help. I don’t know how I would have gotten any of this done without it. Especially when work calls… 🙂 see why I haven’t blogged for a while.

Thanks for checking out the blog, please come back soon… I will have some new projects up for you to enjoy.

Jun 16 2009

Britta burrus design teams up with vagabond photography.

Britta burrus design is working with Oakwood Industries, LLC on some of their marketing materials. They were in need of a fresh catalog and realized that with all their NEW furniture they would be needing images. Native to Memphis, MO, Amanda Pulley with vagabond photography was the photographer of choice. Not only does she have a great eye for detail and cool shots, she also has the skill set to work in different settings with a variety of lighting. What a fun & crazy week we had! It was our privilege to work with the Oakwood team.

Our mission: Stage 17 different sets {dining room, living room & office} and get that shot! for each furniture collection & take a single shot of each piece of furniture that Oakwood Industries offers to be used in their upcoming catalog, website & various marketing materials.

Day One: My house was the place to be on Monday of the photoshoot. The Oakwood truck showed up bright and early full of all the furniture to be staged & shot! My newly-remodeled living room was cleared out and ready to be set up! We staged a bedroom and 4 dining sets in this room. My main living room was used for an office & living room set. Each stage looked so amazing that I didn’t want them to take anything away! All day, the Oakwood guys moved furniture in and out & switched out rooms while Amanda & I staged each ‘room’.  I am sure my neighbors were wondering what I was going to do with all the furniture that was lined up on my front porch and in the driveway. It was a blast, but were we all worn out after that day only to start over the next morning.

Day Two: On Tuesday morning I met Amanda at the Dave & Melinda Burrus residence where we were quick to start moving things out of the way for the arrival of our next lineup. Once the truck arrived we were hustling through the day. We staged six dining rooms, a living room & two bedrooms in several of the Burrus rooms and even one outside using their beautiful view as a backdrop. We also had fun shooting some different ways of using their furniture. Look soon for their new catalog!

Day Three: With most of the staged shots out of the way we headed to the warehouse on day three where we went through about half of the pieces of furniture. The Oakwood team was there to move the furniture through as Amanda shot each piece. After we finished up at the warehouse we decided it was a perfect evening to set up one of Oakwood’s signature sets. Their reunion table looked beautiful in the setting sun as we staged it for a wedding dinner. What fun! I know those who drove by wondered why they weren’t invited. It was hard to put it all away after the photos were taken, seemed like we needed to have a party and enjoy the evening even more.

Day Four & Five: We finished up the single shots at the warehouse these last two days. As always the Oakwood team was there to move furniture through as we directed and took photos.

Details: A lot of prep work & thought had gone into the scheduling, gathering props & figuring out where each line would be shown off best before & during the shoot! Both Amanda & I had prayed that God would help us and take care of the details, as with such a huge project something is bound to be forgotten or overlooked. Let me tell you, He definitely did just that, we are so thankful! We were also blessed to have some great resources and generous people. A friend of Amanda’s shared his lighting for the warehouse shots, Aunt Vicky was excited to let us use some of her amazing ‘props’ & the Burrus’ were so kind to let us tear apart their house for a day! I cannot tell you how much fun it was to work with Oakwood. They are very gracious & such hard workers. Everyone thought it was perfect to have the designer working with the photographer, that way we could discuss what kind of shots were desired for each of the different projects! With all the preparation, prayers & such amazing people I would say our Photoshoot was a huge success! Whew! What a week! I think that each of us was worn out and Amanda did all this all the while being 8 months pregnant.

Check out some of the sneak peeks and look soon for Oakwood Industries new catalog. If you haven’t already, stop by their showroom on HWY 36 in Memphis, Missouri. They have come out with some new collections that you are sure to fall in love with. And don’t let their name fool you, they are much more than oak… now offering Cherry, Maple and more with a variety of modern finishes and lines! The quality, new & classic finishes & their amazing customer service is a mix that will keep you coming back & spreading the word.

May 26 2009

A baby shower at the Willows Lakehouse!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law at the Willows Lakehouse. It was the perfect location. Not only did it accomodate all the adults, there was plenty of room indoors & out to entertain the children that attended. Check out their website, it may be the perfect spot for your next family reunion, vacation, business event, wedding &/or reception. We live about a half hour from the Willows & it is a perfect weekend getaway… Not too far away, yet you have the entire lakehouse, not to mention the lake to yourselves! It is a steal of a deal!

View from the Willows Lakehouse at sunset! Amazing!
View from the Willows Lakehouse at sunset! Amazing!

Back to the baby shower! Amanda decided on a ‘zoo’ theme…
I found some great images of a giraffe, hippo & elephant. I stylized the images then used them as inspiration for all the details. I designed the invite to be flat & fit in a #10 biz envelope using a cool giraffe for the main focus. I also designed labels for the kraft brown envelopes & a registry card featuring a handsome blue hippo. The registry card was wrapped nicely in a tiny vellum envelope using a spiral paperclip to attach it. See pics below…

Baby Shower Tips…
1. Use a piece of string as a clothesline and hang up your ‘gifts’ for fun decor. (i.e. onesie, socks, stuffed animals etc)
2. I searched the internet for baby shower mad libs and found a great one that we just modified to fit our mommy to be. It was great fun!
3. Save your address list for the Mommy to be to have for her Thank yous.
4. Thank you notecards make a great gift!

If you are interested in the baby zoo! theme by Britta burrus design for your next baby shower feel free to call (509) 429-1989 or email for pricing.

zoo baby invites!
zoo baby invites! by Britta burrus design.
drink table
drink table
details... i designed labels for tiny water bottles
details... i designed labels for tiny water bottles
details... i also had favor bags for each guest with goodies inside.
details... i also had favor bags for each guest with goodies inside.
Mmm... finget foods & a delicious cheesecake made by Jamie.
Mmm... finger foods & a delicious cheesecake made by Jamie.
baby clothes on a line... great way to decorate! And mommy to be will be able to use it all!
baby clothes on a line... doubles as decor & perfect little gifts!
zoo baby thank yous! by Britta burrus design.
zoo baby thank yous! by Britta burrus design.
Beautiful & Delicious Chocolate Cake by Gabbitas Gourmet
Beautiful & Delicious Chocolate Cake by Gabbitas Gourmet
Happy mommy to be & friends!
Happy mommy to be (far right) & friends!

Jan 30 2009

valentine’s day!

What do you get your someone special for Valentine’s Day? That has been on my mind for about a month now! So, I have a few ideas to pass along…

What a perfect Valentine gift for the coffee lover in your life! Pair it with a pound of your favorite gourmet coffee beans and a cool mug, then watch their eyes light up as they open this hand-crafted, made in the USA, burr coffee grinder. The best part… you can buy it online and have it shipped to your door.

For the fashionista in your life… a vagabond valentine is sure to add some trendy fashion to their wardrobe. I am excited to wear my vagabond valentine! Call or email vagabond to order yours today! (949) 335-2285 or Or to see the rest of the vagabond collections visit

And of course… I have to mention the latest Bb valentine cards. Buy them online at and receive a FREE card for that someone extra special!