Nov 13 2010

Britta burrus design got published!

I could NOT believe my eyes and I am so excited to share the story of how Bb design got published. I have never done anything like this before… but I thought what the heck, might be fun.

About a year ago David Sherwin made a call to designers everywhere through his blog {}. He was in the process of writing a book “Creative Workshop – 80 Challenges to sharpen your design skills”. I emailed him and let him know I was interested, he sent me several challenges to choose from and I chose ‘Totally Cereal’ :).

Totally Cereal
[time] 30 minutes
[topic] Packaging
[description] Write one or two sentences describing a new type of breakfast cereal, including a brand name, audience, and type of store where this product will be sold. Your product must have a special selling point that sets it apart from similar products — e.g. organic, sustainably grown, cage-free, whole grain, and so on. Then spend 30 minutes sketching at least two package designs concepts for this new product.

I don’t do a lot of sketching… I usually start by praying then just jump in and start, I get inspired by fonts, colors, texture. Once in a while I will do a rough sketch to see if layout will work, it’s not always very pretty but def gets the ideas going. 🙂 In this book it is cool to see how every designer gets to the end result in a different way. Guess that is what makes everyone unique. 🙂

Anyway… my challenge was published in his book… another very exciting thing is that it is a HOW Book {} So, have fun checking out the pics… I haven’t read through the whole thing yet, but I think it would be a great design resource. You can purchase it at amazon.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend. — Britta

Oct 25 2010

Bb notecard giveaway!

I finally did it… I updated the Bb blog, it is a work in progress, but I gotta get to work for real now. In the meantime… I decided to give away some Bb notecards. See below for details… 🙂

Tis the Season to Give Thanks!
I love everything about Fall… colors, weather, fires, jeans, sweatshirts, turkey, pumpkins, pumpkin pie… I also love getting mail & sending it, the old-fashion way. It means so much when I get a note in the mail, a friend saying hi or thinking of you, sharing their life with you. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to design & print notecards… the matching recycled envelopes with their rich colors are the icing on the cake!

In honor of Fall & Thanksgiving I am going to give away some of my favorite notecards! ‘Say Something…’ about this post by sharing something you are thankful for & get a chance to win one of three packs of Thankful notecards {Click Say Something… at the end of this post to comment}. Each pack will have a mix of the three notecard designs you see in the pic {2 of each design with matching envelopes}. I will pick 3 random winners on October 29… that way the winners will have time to get their thankful notes in time for Thanksgiving! Make someones day by telling them how you are thankful for them!

I am thankful for Jesus, Justin, Branton, family, friends, Bb clients! for starters… I could go on and on. So much to be thankful for! Thanks for stopping by & good luck! — Britta

Oct 21 2010

Violet Love Brands, Inc. :: Business Cards & Ecommerce Site

I have been working with Rebecca Michaels of Violet Love Brands, Inc. for a few years now on business cards and labels. Recently Rebecca came to me with the request of a new website. She decided she wanted to refresh Violet Love’s look, I have had so much fun and am so excited to be a part of this process. She started the process with a Lifestyle photoshoot with her new products. I got to use the amazing images to design banners, business cards & a website. We also did some fun heart stickers! Below are the business cards and a sneak peak of the website… which we are going to launch very soon.

Violet Love’s site is launched… she has some really cool products & is always thinking of something new & unique to add. You will have to check it out and get some of your very own violet love! {}

Enjoy the pics, go get some VL and have a great day!

Oct 13 2010

Customer Service is a must!

I have been in business for myself {Britta burrus design} for a little over 4 years. And Justin & I acquired Red Rooster Trading Company about 6 months ago. I don’t claim to know it all, my motto is ‘live & learn’ and I don’t think I will ever ‘arrive’. But if there is one thing that I have learned it is that people appreciate customer service and it is a must for any successful business. When people can see the care that you put into your product(s) and/or services, the time you take to just chat or explain things {sometimes the old-fashion way, telephone :)} & go the extra mile to make things right it really pays off in the end.

Three things I have learned along the way… There are a lot more than three, but thought I’d keep it short & sweet! 🙂
Communication is key… I think, for the most part, people understand if you make a mistake or can’t get it done quite as quickly as you had hoped. But keeping the lines of communication open is important. If things are taking a little longer than expected let them know. Some days I am pretty good at this… then there are those other days.

Building a relationship takes time…It takes time to build a good relationship and sometimes the road is a bit bumpy, everyone has a different idea of what will work or communicates in different ways. But if you take the time to build relationships it is a win win for everyone. I have had several clients where the initial start wasn’t the easiest, but by being persistent, keeping the lines of communication open, being honest & listening to their needs/wants has given me some of my most favorite clients & projects!

Pricing… This is always the hardest part for me… I just want to help everyone, but I am in business and this is how I make a living. So I have had to learn {probably still learning, if I am being honest :)} how to price things. Know your product or service, be confident in your abilities, do a little research and see what others are charging in your field and when you set a price stick to it. But do be flexible… if it is not working you might want to take a step back and reevaluate.

I have thought about this a lot… with every new project I learn something new. One day I think I have been through it all and surprise!

Below are some pics of business cards I did for a client. The end product turned out beautifully… but it took a bit to get there. We used her amazing artwork for her logo, since she hand drew it I thought it would be so cool to have it printed on textured paper. So, that is what we initially did, well they turned out horribly. They looked like the printer was running out of ink. I ended up getting them reprinted on a different stock with a matte/dull finish. The turned out perfectly, showed off her artwork beautifully and most important, my client was happy. I am working on her website right now. She, her daughter & daughter in law have a part in the business. They make & sell jewelry, purses & clothing… they take vintage items and reinvent a piece whether it is a beautiful dress, throw or necklace. You will have to keep an eye on their site {}as they will be selling their creations online soon! These girls have talent & an eye for fashion.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sep 23 2010

Custom Address Labels

Found this quote today… and I like it.

“She didn’t know it couldn’t be done, so she went ahead and did it.” –Mary S. Almanac

And I wanted to share a pic of some labels I did for my dad & mom… my mom called one day and wanted some address labels for their business & a few for personal. I had fun with these… they look especially nice on a crisp red envelope.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great Thursday.

Sep 17 2010

Let’s Salsa… again?

After I posted about an amazing salsa recipe a while back… {find post here} I got inspired to design some labels for my elite ball jars. Just thought I’d give you a peek… and hopefully inspire you to get creative this weekend.

I will leave you with this design quote I found… it piqued my interest and made me think about all the mistakes I do make. Sometimes those mistakes turn into an awesome design… and sometimes they don’t. Haha, guess that’s where we have to learn to let those ones go and move on!

‎”Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep” Scott Adams

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great weekend! Isn’t this crisp, fall weather fantabulous! –Britta

Sep 12 2010

Bb business card and a couple others…

So, I have had the same business card for a couple years and decided I would like to try something a little different, but still affordable. This is the end result… I have also added the Red Rooster cards & some bcards I have done recently for Team K Outfitters. I showed the TKO cards to a designer friend (Karri!) and she saw the back and says ‘Nice use of whitespace’ :). I love that she noticed that cause that is my favorite part of the card. And I don’t get too many opportunities to utilize the amazing ‘white space’.

Enjoy the pics below and just give Bb a holler {call or text 509.429.1989 email} if you are in need of a new and affordable business card! I always say it is a most cost effective & powerful marketing tool. Thanks for stopping by!


Sep 8 2010

The importance of a {business} sign…

I love hand.painted, hand.made signs! I found a treasure when I found Mike who still hand.paints & builds his signs. He was able to take a Bb design for The Willows Lakehouse in Downing, Missouri and create a work of art that will last for years to come. When I met Mike he told me that the majority of his customers will make many times more than what they will put into one of his signs. Sometimes we look at the initial cost and forget how long the sign {logo, website, business card design etc} will actually last. Especially if you hire someone who cares just as much about your business as you do and puts that into their work.

Signage is just as important as your logo, business card, website etc… when someone walks or drives by your shop you want that sign to reach out and grab them, draw them in. “Ohhh… that is a beautiful, cool, amazing sign, I need to see what else is inside.” Some of the shows on HGTV might call it curb appeal… if we don’t put much into the outside why would someone want to come in and check out the inside. Anyway… you get the idea.

See a couple pics of The Willows sign below… now, you cannot tell me that this sign does not make you want to know more about The Willows. And it definitely gives the feel of a Lakehouse Retreat. The secret is getting out about the Willows… your own private lake and lakehouse with a full kitchen all to yourselves… you gotta check it out. {} For those of you that live in NEMO… it is perfect for a weekend getaway, think ‘save on gas’, amazing sunsets & rises, fishing on the lake and for those of you who need it they also offer a bigscreen with satellite, there really is something for everyone.

We also had Mike build a sign for the Red Rooster, all I can say about that one is WOW! … so come back soon for that post. And if you are interested in getting a quote for a hand.built, hand.painted sign give Bb a jingle {509.429.1989} or shoot me an email {}

Thanks for stopping by…

Aug 22 2010

Future of Instrumentation Workshop

Bb design had a great opportunity to design and program a website for a Department of Energy National Laboratory – Future of Instrumentation Workshop (FOFI) that will take place at Oak Ridge National Laboratory {Oak Ridge, Tennessee} at the beginning of November. Who would have thought that I would get an opportunity like this way out here in Bible Grove. God is so cool!

Thanks to Peter Fuhr for sending it this way… I have had the opportunity to work with him on several projects and I am so thankful for these… as they are not Bb’s typical websites or projects. Sure has been fun to get outside of my design box and work with people that are in fields totally different than mine. I think we have made a pretty good team thus far… check out the snapshot below… and visit the site {} for more or if you are interested in attending.

Aug 13 2010

daisy baby announcement

Since it’s Friday, I thought I would share a fun baby announcement I got to do a while ago. Our dear friends, Nate & Jessi, had one of the cutest little babies ever. Her name is Anne… I had the privilege of designing her baby announcements. Nate & Jess pretty much gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted… Jess does love flowers & one of her favorites is the daisy. So, I took that and ran… of course I found the cutest pink envelopes with a string to close it & added some coordinating thank yous! When you have such a sweet face to design around… you really can’t go wrong. See pics below. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend!!