Mar 28 2011

Billboard, Billboards & MORE Billboards…

Hi, Spring is in the air and people are thinking about marketing their biz, standing out from the crowd, getting the word out! In spite of all the valuable online marketing tools, Billboards are still a great way to advertise your biz and grab someone’s attention. I had the privilege of working with several people in the Memphis, MO area on their billboards. If you are from this area, you may have seen them as you are on your way to and from work, school, grocery shopping, etc. Billboards are fun & challenging as you don’t want them to be too busy. You only get a small window of time to grab their attention as they are zooming by. See what we came up with below… and keep your eyes out on the road.

You may also recognize some of the Oakwood pics from our photoshoot with vagabond photography {}, not only is Amanda an amazing photographer but she also styles & stages her shoots! And Mona from Mona’s photography took the shots of the adorable babies on the SC Hospital billboard.

Feb 22 2010

The Table Tent.

It is refreshing to have a client who realizes the value of marketing and good design. I have been working with Oakwood Industries on several promotional projects… the latest is a table tent. They will be used to place on Oakwood furniture mostly at their dealer locations. They wanted something to grab attention, but also be informative and let folks know about the quality finish they use, their 10 year warranty and last but certainly not least all their furniture is handbuilt in the good ol’ US of A.

{Of course I was able to use a couple of the photos taken by vagabond at our initial photoshoot… have I mentioned how nice it is to be able to have images galore to choose from and how it makes my job as a designer easier?}

Back to the table tents…we looked into a one piece paper-only table tent, but for the custom size they needed it was more cost effective to go with an acrylic A-frame table tent that holds two 8×10 flyers. The acrylic frames won’t be easily knocked over, will last a lot longer and the flyers can be replaced/refreshed if needed.

This is what Oakwood had to say… “We needed assistance in marketing, so we turned to Britta burrus design. Britta has done a superb job throughout the entire process of directing the photography, layout and design of our new catalog and brochures and other point of sale items. We are pleased with the high quality of work for a reasonable price and have gained a valuable resource for future marketing needs. We are very satisfied and would recommend Britta burrus design to anyone.” {note from designer: Happy clients make me happy!}

And check out the table tents below…

Oakwood table tent - front

Oakwood table tent - back