Sep 8 2010

The importance of a {business} sign…

I love hand.painted, hand.made signs! I found a treasure when I found Mike who still hand.paints & builds his signs. He was able to take a Bb design for The Willows Lakehouse in Downing, Missouri and create a work of art that will last for years to come. When I met Mike he told me that the majority of his customers will make many times more than what they will put into one of his signs. Sometimes we look at the initial cost and forget how long the sign {logo, website, business card design etc} will actually last. Especially if you hire someone who cares just as much about your business as you do and puts that into their work.

Signage is just as important as your logo, business card, website etc… when someone walks or drives by your shop you want that sign to reach out and grab them, draw them in. “Ohhh… that is a beautiful, cool, amazing sign, I need to see what else is inside.” Some of the shows on HGTV might call it curb appeal… if we don’t put much into the outside why would someone want to come in and check out the inside. Anyway… you get the idea.

See a couple pics of The Willows sign below… now, you cannot tell me that this sign does not make you want to know more about The Willows. And it definitely gives the feel of a Lakehouse Retreat. The secret is getting out about the Willows… your own private lake and lakehouse with a full kitchen all to yourselves… you gotta check it out. {} For those of you that live in NEMO… it is perfect for a weekend getaway, think ‘save on gas’, amazing sunsets & rises, fishing on the lake and for those of you who need it they also offer a bigscreen with satellite, there really is something for everyone.

We also had Mike build a sign for the Red Rooster, all I can say about that one is WOW! … so come back soon for that post. And if you are interested in getting a quote for a hand.built, hand.painted sign give Bb a jingle {509.429.1989} or shoot me an email {}

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