Dec 14 2010

Red Rooster Crush Grinds…

Since we started Red Rooster Trading Company we have been brainstorming other hand.built products and we are so excited to introduce our newest. They are so beautiful and I am so proud of Justin! He has been working hard to keep up with the Camano Coffee Mills & Mabana Pepper Mills but managed to find some time to build the Red Rooster Crush Grinders… See the pics below, we will be adding them to the site {} soon.

Salt Crush Grinder: light edges & a dark middle
Pepper Crush Grinder: dark edges & a light middle
Seed Crush Grinder: medium edges and a dark middle {We use our seed mill for flax seeds, it works great! It can be used for other seeds or spices as well.}

These beautiful crush grinds are made of hand.picked hardwoods, hand-hewn & finished with a food grade stain to bring out the natural beauty and lines of the hardwood. The top twists to grind and it also comes off so that you can fill it, our 1 oz peppercorn scoop is the perfect tool to use for this. Then hold your mill directly over whatever you want to season and the grinds sprinkle right out the bottom, you can adjust the grind from coarse to fine. It took us a while to find the right mechanism, since we wanted to be able to grind salt we had to find one with a ceramic crush grind! Not only will they work great to season your meals, but they will be a topic of conversation and look amazing on any table, shelf display or countertop. Beautiful & Functional.

handmade wood salt grinder

handmade wood pepper grinder

handmade wood seed grinder

handmade wood salt and pepper grinders

Apr 5 2010

The Camano Coffee & Mabana Pepper Mill Photoshoot…

Once in a while I get to put on the hat of photographer. I don’t claim to be a photographer, but I do have fun with it and sometimes you gotta get creative and use what you have. So, I lugged an old, yellow chest that I have out to the deck, brought a couple props and took advantage of the natural lighting.

These are product shots for Red Rooster Trading Company. The Camano Coffee Mill & Mabana Pepper Mill: they are not only beautiful but functional too. If you love coffee you have to try out the Camano Coffee Mill… it adjusts to consistently grind from coarse to fine. So, not only do you get an even better cup of coffee, but it looks great sitting out on display. They both make great gifts too!

The first few shots were taken today and the one with the beautiful blue sky was taken a couple days ago. I might have to try it out on another sunny day… that lighting is much nicer. But I don’t think they turned out half-bad and will def use some on the Red Rooster site {}

Check out a few below and see what you think…