Jun 25 2010

Bridal Shower Invites with Hydrangeas & Calla Lillies…you really can’t go wrong.

Hi there… thought I would leave you with this for the weekend. I was asked by a friend to design an invite for a bridal shower they were throwing. She told me the bride to be’s colors were navy & copper, flowers were Calla Lilies & Blue Hydrangeas. Oh… how that got my mind spinning! I love both those flowers & was excited to see what I could find to bring in the copper… I was able to take a photo of each flower, stylize them & create a beautiful bouquet to use as the main design element for the invite. And oh my goodness… I found the coolest copper envelopes ever! Check out the end result below.

You know… custom invites & announcements {whether for a wedding or baby} might be a little more expensive than the bulk pack you can get at walmart… but do you know the joy of getting such a piece of art in the mail. I get so excited when I receive a hand-written note, letter or a beautiful custom baby announcement or wedding invite — it makes me feel special… that they would take the time & effort to put something like that together or pay someone else to do it. A lot of times people cherish these pieces and don’t just throw them away. They keep them to remember that special occasion, some might even frame such a thing of beauty.

Anyway… I will stop rambling & let you enjoy the pics below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! — Britta