Dec 10 2010

Let me reintroduce Oakwood Industries…

I {heart} my job… I got to go shopping for Oakwood, I am so excited about this! They say it’s all in a name, but not so in Oakwood Industries case. There are some new things going on around there… Not only are they introducing new styles & finishes but to make it even better they have added some creative and unique Home Decor. So beautiful and every piece definitely stands out from the crowd…

I took a few pics for a sneak peek… couldn’t stop snapping cause I just love it all! Be sure to stop by their showroom to check out the rest. These would all be amazing Christmas presents, you don’t see these pieces just anywhere. Just in case you were wondering I would put everything here on my Christmas list. 🙂 Candles Coming Soon!

If you stop by Oakwood’s Showroom be sure to tell them Britta burrus design. sent you their way!!

hand crank burr grinders

Jun 11 2010

Forget the Tie… get dad something he will treasure!

Get creative this year when you are thinking of Dad!! Check out these cool gift ideas and Happy Father’s Day!

Apr 5 2010

The Camano Coffee & Mabana Pepper Mill Photoshoot…

Once in a while I get to put on the hat of photographer. I don’t claim to be a photographer, but I do have fun with it and sometimes you gotta get creative and use what you have. So, I lugged an old, yellow chest that I have out to the deck, brought a couple props and took advantage of the natural lighting.

These are product shots for Red Rooster Trading Company. The Camano Coffee Mill & Mabana Pepper Mill: they are not only beautiful but functional too. If you love coffee you have to try out the Camano Coffee Mill… it adjusts to consistently grind from coarse to fine. So, not only do you get an even better cup of coffee, but it looks great sitting out on display. They both make great gifts too!

The first few shots were taken today and the one with the beautiful blue sky was taken a couple days ago. I might have to try it out on another sunny day… that lighting is much nicer. But I don’t think they turned out half-bad and will def use some on the Red Rooster site {}

Check out a few below and see what you think…