Nov 3 2009

Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce

It is finally here! The Memphis {Missouri} Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) website! I met with the chamber in the spring to talk about what they need in a website. We kept it simple to start out with and can add more later as they grow and see what is needed. That is a good thing about website design, as long as you have a good foundation it is easy to add more later–whether it is more pages or a special feature (i.e. blog, photo gallery, calendar etc.). I also designed the logo used in the website. It will be a fun one to use on other promotional materials too.

If you are a small business owner and in the Memphis, Missouri area you should consider becoming a member. MACC encourages economical growth in the area and is a big supporter of small business. There are some great benefits as well… not only will you have an online presence, but if you already have a website you receive a link from MACCs site to yours.

{Bb secret: links coming into your site are a great way to promote search engine rank. How to get links into your site: join your local chamber :), trade links with other local businesses, use google to find other places that pertain to your biz that you can join and get a listing, these are just a few ways…}

Check out the site {} to see how you can become a member and to see all the good things going on.  MACC not only encourages local business, but they do a lot to reach out and offer ‘family friendly’ events in the community.  Don’t tell too many people, but Memphis, Missouri is a great place to live. And keep checking back for new additions… this is only the beginning!