Mar 3 2010


Wow! This is one cost-effective way to show your Scotland County SCR-I Spirit! GO TIGERS!

The Scotland County PTO Fundraising Committee has put in a lot of work going to the different businesses in Scotland County and giving each business the opportunity to donate whatever they will to use on the 2010 Spirit Cards. Boy did these businesses really come through and show their Scotland County Spirit!

There is so much to save on these cards that you will use everyday and save throughout the entire year. Not only are you saving & supporting local businesses but ALL proceeds from the sale of spirit cards go to the Scotland County PTO & are used to support the projects of SCR-I Schools. It is definitely a benefit to show your Spirit!

To start saving and show your spirit get your own card at these locations in Scotland County (Missouri) :: Exchange Bank, Scotland County Pharmacy, Memphis Democrat, Kountry Konnection & SCR-I School Offices. And check out the PTO Facebook page and become a fan to stay up with all the things we are doing to show our Spirit!

While Stacie Whitaker took on the daunting task of going around to each business I got to do the fun part! {Thanks Stacie for all your hard work!} I got to design the Spirit Card, flyers and even got to do some notecards. See the Spirit Cards & Flyers below.

Thank you to all the Scotland County (Missouri) businesses who so generously showed their SCR-I School Spirit! GO TIGERS!
Allison Shear Delights; Cook’s Men’s Store; Country Clips; Countryside Flowers; Daisy Patch; Gas and More BP; Gingerbread House; Hoozies Sales & Service; J’s Foods; Keith’s Café; Kountry Konnection; Main Street Café; Mona’s Studio; Natalie’s New Outlooks; Off-Road Tire Pampered Chef Andrea Hunt; Pizza Hut; Scotland Co. LanesScotland Co. Pharmacy; Scott’s Cellular; S & P Performance

Nov 3 2009

Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce

It is finally here! The Memphis {Missouri} Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) website! I met with the chamber in the spring to talk about what they need in a website. We kept it simple to start out with and can add more later as they grow and see what is needed. That is a good thing about website design, as long as you have a good foundation it is easy to add more later–whether it is more pages or a special feature (i.e. blog, photo gallery, calendar etc.). I also designed the logo used in the website. It will be a fun one to use on other promotional materials too.

If you are a small business owner and in the Memphis, Missouri area you should consider becoming a member. MACC encourages economical growth in the area and is a big supporter of small business. There are some great benefits as well… not only will you have an online presence, but if you already have a website you receive a link from MACCs site to yours.

{Bb secret: links coming into your site are a great way to promote search engine rank. How to get links into your site: join your local chamber :), trade links with other local businesses, use google to find other places that pertain to your biz that you can join and get a listing, these are just a few ways…}

Check out the site {} to see how you can become a member and to see all the good things going on.  MACC not only encourages local business, but they do a lot to reach out and offer ‘family friendly’ events in the community.  Don’t tell too many people, but Memphis, Missouri is a great place to live. And keep checking back for new additions… this is only the beginning!

Jun 16 2009

Britta burrus design teams up with vagabond photography.

Britta burrus design is working with Oakwood Industries, LLC on some of their marketing materials. They were in need of a fresh catalog and realized that with all their NEW furniture they would be needing images. Native to Memphis, MO, Amanda Pulley with vagabond photography was the photographer of choice. Not only does she have a great eye for detail and cool shots, she also has the skill set to work in different settings with a variety of lighting. What a fun & crazy week we had! It was our privilege to work with the Oakwood team.

Our mission: Stage 17 different sets {dining room, living room & office} and get that shot! for each furniture collection & take a single shot of each piece of furniture that Oakwood Industries offers to be used in their upcoming catalog, website & various marketing materials.

Day One: My house was the place to be on Monday of the photoshoot. The Oakwood truck showed up bright and early full of all the furniture to be staged & shot! My newly-remodeled living room was cleared out and ready to be set up! We staged a bedroom and 4 dining sets in this room. My main living room was used for an office & living room set. Each stage looked so amazing that I didn’t want them to take anything away! All day, the Oakwood guys moved furniture in and out & switched out rooms while Amanda & I staged each ‘room’.  I am sure my neighbors were wondering what I was going to do with all the furniture that was lined up on my front porch and in the driveway. It was a blast, but were we all worn out after that day only to start over the next morning.

Day Two: On Tuesday morning I met Amanda at the Dave & Melinda Burrus residence where we were quick to start moving things out of the way for the arrival of our next lineup. Once the truck arrived we were hustling through the day. We staged six dining rooms, a living room & two bedrooms in several of the Burrus rooms and even one outside using their beautiful view as a backdrop. We also had fun shooting some different ways of using their furniture. Look soon for their new catalog!

Day Three: With most of the staged shots out of the way we headed to the warehouse on day three where we went through about half of the pieces of furniture. The Oakwood team was there to move the furniture through as Amanda shot each piece. After we finished up at the warehouse we decided it was a perfect evening to set up one of Oakwood’s signature sets. Their reunion table looked beautiful in the setting sun as we staged it for a wedding dinner. What fun! I know those who drove by wondered why they weren’t invited. It was hard to put it all away after the photos were taken, seemed like we needed to have a party and enjoy the evening even more.

Day Four & Five: We finished up the single shots at the warehouse these last two days. As always the Oakwood team was there to move furniture through as we directed and took photos.

Details: A lot of prep work & thought had gone into the scheduling, gathering props & figuring out where each line would be shown off best before & during the shoot! Both Amanda & I had prayed that God would help us and take care of the details, as with such a huge project something is bound to be forgotten or overlooked. Let me tell you, He definitely did just that, we are so thankful! We were also blessed to have some great resources and generous people. A friend of Amanda’s shared his lighting for the warehouse shots, Aunt Vicky was excited to let us use some of her amazing ‘props’ & the Burrus’ were so kind to let us tear apart their house for a day! I cannot tell you how much fun it was to work with Oakwood. They are very gracious & such hard workers. Everyone thought it was perfect to have the designer working with the photographer, that way we could discuss what kind of shots were desired for each of the different projects! With all the preparation, prayers & such amazing people I would say our Photoshoot was a huge success! Whew! What a week! I think that each of us was worn out and Amanda did all this all the while being 8 months pregnant.

Check out some of the sneak peeks and look soon for Oakwood Industries new catalog. If you haven’t already, stop by their showroom on HWY 36 in Memphis, Missouri. They have come out with some new collections that you are sure to fall in love with. And don’t let their name fool you, they are much more than oak… now offering Cherry, Maple and more with a variety of modern finishes and lines! The quality, new & classic finishes & their amazing customer service is a mix that will keep you coming back & spreading the word.