Aug 12 2013

Working with Rebecca Michaels & violet love headbands giveaway

First… you have come a long way Rebecca Michaels. Your business venture started before I had the privilege of working with you. Me living in tiny Biblegrove, Missouri and you being in PA at the time… I met you via phone calls and email. I was reminded how far you have come because I was cleaning out my office today and I came across some of the first business cards I designed with you. 2008 was the year that I got to start with designing your business card… you already had your look and brand established so my job was minimal, but was I ever excited to have the opportunity to work with you. From there I have worked on various things from labels, postcards, banners, press kits, lookbooks, websites etc etc. What a ride it has been. › Continue reading

Jan 25 2012

Product Packaging

So, I received some VLove today! I was so pleased with the presentation… felt like I was receiving a gift and yep, made me feel special. It got me to thinking… {uh oh!} my husband and I also own & run Red Rooster Trading Company together. We wrap our products in hand.stamped burlap bags then nestle them in a bed of shredded newspaper {recycled from our local newspaper} and put them in a sealed gift box. To top it off we thank each of our customers using a Bb card and yes, actually writing each one by hand.

This is important to us because we appreciate our customers so much, without them we wouldn’t have a business! My mom told me that when I was little I always wanted to have my own retail shop so that I could say ‘Thank you & have a nice day!’ I may not have a ‘brick & mortar’ {yet, anyway}, but we do have our online shop, I just get to write it instead of say it. You see, dreams really do come true. 🙂

Ok, back on track… at Red Rooster we receive comments & reviews and practically every one of them says something about the packaging and hand.written note. They appreciate that there is a real live person handling & packaging their product that cares about the products they receive. And they appreciate being appreciated. So, if you own a business where you ship your products… it only takes a little effort to make a nice presentation, make someone feel special and show some pride in your product {Pride can be a good thing}. And a lot of times those people share their experience with others… word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools ever!

I took a few pics to inspire you… I had the privilege of working with each of these businesses on their identity & branding. I love having the opportunity to work with such a variety of companies. Each of my clients has an idea of how they want the world to see them and the best way to present that. It is my job to take their ideas and make them shine.

First up is how Rebecca Michaels shows her customer appreciation… don’t you feel the love? {I ordered a headband}

Next is a photog client of mine… vagabond def shows her appreciation with her packaging.

And last, but not least… Red Rooster’s packaging.

Thanks for stopping by, maybe you got a little inspiration. Now go and present your company well! If you need any design work or ideas feel free to shoot me an email for pricing.

Oct 21 2010

Violet Love Brands, Inc. :: Business Cards & Ecommerce Site

I have been working with Rebecca Michaels of Violet Love Brands, Inc. for a few years now on business cards and labels. Recently Rebecca came to me with the request of a new website. She decided she wanted to refresh Violet Love’s look, I have had so much fun and am so excited to be a part of this process. She started the process with a Lifestyle photoshoot with her new products. I got to use the amazing images to design banners, business cards & a website. We also did some fun heart stickers! Below are the business cards and a sneak peak of the website… which we are going to launch very soon.

Violet Love’s site is launched… she has some really cool products & is always thinking of something new & unique to add. You will have to check it out and get some of your very own violet love! {}

Enjoy the pics, go get some VL and have a great day!

Nov 18 2009

violet love

Bb design had the privilege to work with rebecca michaels of violet love. We worked on past business cards and a label for her trendy, chic legwear. This was a while ago and as all designers know… sometimes you don’t always get to see the finished, printed project. Well, recently rebecca sent me some samplings of her headbands & legwear. Thank you, rebecca!!

What fun… if you are wanting to jazz up your wardrobe a bit with comfortable, yet oh so cool headbands and legwear, check out her site