Feb 11 2011

Scotland County Hospital

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Alisa, director of PR & Marketing for the Scotland County Hospital. What fun projects and what great ideas/concepts Alisa came up with. Her ideas and working with such cuteness made my job a ton of fun!

The project is ‘Baby Place’… The maternity ward at Scotland County Hospital. {which if you are expecting you better just go check it out and take the tour. Sounds like the place to be} We needed a print ad and also billboards… billboard design is so much different as you only get a few seconds as a driver is zooming by… I think we did a good job at grabbing attention with those cute little local faces and have just enough info to get the point across. When the ads are out people will recognize it from the billboard and get a little more info.

You might have noticed the billboard as you are driving West on 136 from Memphis, MO. If not, look up and to the right as you are headed outta town. You may have also seen the commercial that was all Alisa’s doing on KTVO. She also had the fun job of managing all that cuteness and making it work on TV.

Thanks Alisa… it is a blast working with you! Check out the billboard & print ad below… and see if you recognize any of these adorable faces!