Oct 4 2011

Handpainted Business Signs

I believe in ‘curb appeal’! Especially when it comes to your business. When you have a storefront it is important to show on the outside that you care about your customer and what you are offering them. A hand.painted business sign is one way {and not as expensive as you may think} to show that and draw your customers inside for more! The hand.painted part is not the only beautiful part of these signs… they also have logos & a color palette that make them stand out and allow the sign artist to shine! I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Meyer on a few different signs… he has been hand.painting signs for a long time and it definitely shows. Not only are these signs beautiful, but since Mike has the experience he knows how to make them so that they last for years to come. Check out the signs he hand.painted below using custom logos by Bb design… now don’t you just want to stop in and see what’s going on behind these doors. If you are in NE Missouri Area… you may have seen these signs… I am hoping to get a few more up in the area. Aren’t they beautiful! What a fabulous and cost effective way to show a little pride in our community & businesses.

First up is the Scotland County Pharmacy… I had the privilege of building their logo a while back and was so excited when they decided to get a sign made using their new logo. Mike is pictured with his wife, Aileen, in the first picture… it was so much fun to meet this couple. They love life & really enjoy what they do together!

Mike Meyer Signs

Scotland County Pharmacy

Next up is Memphis Area Pregnancy Care Center. With the combination of the new sign & the vinyl decal in the window, this really makes their curb ‘appeal’ just that much more and makes people take notice. Mike graciously hung up the sign for us as we are not the experts in sign hanging.

Memphis Area Pregnancy Care Center

MAPCC Hand Painted Sign

And last but definitely not least… The Willows Lakehouse. I have been working with The Willows for several years on different projects, starting of course with their logo… if you have not discovered the Willows, you must check out their site and plan a visit. Especially if you are in NE Missouri area… this is the perfect getaway that is not too far away! {www.thewillowslakehouse.com} Mike took the Bb sign design & hand.painted it to make a sign that I would even love to decorate my home with!

The Willows Lakehouse Retreat

NE Missouri Lakehous for Rent

OK, just one more… Red Rooster Trading Company… Mike took the logo I built for Red Rooster and knocked this one way way outta the park. I actually do have this one hanging in my living room cause we loved it so much! Mike sent me some behind the scenes pics of the Red Rooster sign which I will blog about soon! He really takes care in his work & it shows, what a gift!

Red Rooster Trading Company

Thanks for stopping by! And if you are interested in pricing for a hand.painted sign by Mike Meyer & Britta burrus design. give me a shout… call or email and I will be glad to discuss your needs/wants for your business. 509-429-1989 or design@brittaburrus.com

PS… I think a personal sign would also be wonderful… so if you are interested in one for your living room, kitchen, hanging outside somewhere {barn, garage, house} or bathroom… whatever your ideas, I know we can come up with something beautiful!

Jun 2 2010

The story of a logo…

As a designer when I look at a logo I always wonder how many steps it took them to get to the final. I am sure that others go about getting there in a different way than Bb design, but this is how it works around here. {As all designers will know, not every story goes quite this smoothly… sometimes it might take a few or several more steps to get to the end.}

Step 1. Initial meeting with client — in real life or virtual — get any ideas client might have, colors, style, what they want their logo to say about their business etc.
Step 2. Dream, pray & think about ideas. Seriously, praying for me is a big part of the story. After all God is so big and look at His creation… talk about a creative! His supply of creativity is limitless and He knows my client even better than I do! Ideas and concepts sometimes come at funny times, while I am supposed to be sleeping or while I am out on a run. I love this part of it!
Step 3. Research — see what’s out there for the client’s profession or business. How can we stand out from the crowd? Get outta the box, yet still remain professional & true to their profession or business.
Step 4. Concepts — Depending on the package we come up with 2-3 concepts for the client to choose from. This is always fun, cause I get to work with fonts, colors and the mark.
Step 5. Client chooses one or a mix of all the concepts and it is revision time.
Step 6. Present final logo to client & it’s time to use the new logo in all promotional materials!

Benefits of a custom Bb logo: a.} You will get what you want. b.} Each logo is a custom design. NO clip art here. c.} You are part of the team, it is important for Bb to get to know each client and from there build the logo they want & need. d.} Each logo is built as a vector-based file, so you will get all the file formats you need whether for a website, billboard, tshirt, business card, signage etc.

The latest logo project Bb got to work on was for the Scotland County Pharmacy. This is the story…

Client said he likes old time apothecary, blue, and mortar and pestle, but maybe the mortar and pestle was used too much? { Do you know how excited I was when I heard old time apothecary?? }

After the initial dreaming, praying & researching Bb presented 3 concepts to SC Pharmacy… and we mixed a couple of them to come up with the final logo. Even if other pharmacies are using a mortar & pestle as part of their logo I haven’t seen it used quite like this and we added an old time apothecary bottle to make it stand out that much more. One of the fun parts of building a custom logo is reinventing an idea. After all … there isn’t anything new under the sun, but it sure is fun trying to present it in a different way!

Check out the images of the initial concepts, final logo & business cards below… we were all very happy with the end result! What do you think?