Aug 29 2012

Furniture Staging & Photography

I had the privilege to team up with Amanda of vagabond photography once again on a photoshoot for Oakwood Industries. As always we had a blast working together and I must say the images came out wonderfully. LOVE their latest furniture collections. You should definitely head down to their showroom on HWY 136 in Memphis, MO! Just in time for Christmas I’d say! Photos courtesy of vagabond photography!

fine modern solid wood furniture

fine modern solid wood furniture

fine modern solid wood furniture

Jan 25 2012

Product Packaging

So, I received some VLove today! I was so pleased with the presentation… felt like I was receiving a gift and yep, made me feel special. It got me to thinking… {uh oh!} my husband and I also own & run Red Rooster Trading Company together. We wrap our products in hand.stamped burlap bags then nestle them in a bed of shredded newspaper {recycled from our local newspaper} and put them in a sealed gift box. To top it off we thank each of our customers using a Bb card and yes, actually writing each one by hand.

This is important to us because we appreciate our customers so much, without them we wouldn’t have a business! My mom told me that when I was little I always wanted to have my own retail shop so that I could say ‘Thank you & have a nice day!’ I may not have a ‘brick & mortar’ {yet, anyway}, but we do have our online shop, I just get to write it instead of say it. You see, dreams really do come true. 🙂

Ok, back on track… at Red Rooster we receive comments & reviews and practically every one of them says something about the packaging and hand.written note. They appreciate that there is a real live person handling & packaging their product that cares about the products they receive. And they appreciate being appreciated. So, if you own a business where you ship your products… it only takes a little effort to make a nice presentation, make someone feel special and show some pride in your product {Pride can be a good thing}. And a lot of times those people share their experience with others… word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools ever!

I took a few pics to inspire you… I had the privilege of working with each of these businesses on their identity & branding. I love having the opportunity to work with such a variety of companies. Each of my clients has an idea of how they want the world to see them and the best way to present that. It is my job to take their ideas and make them shine.

First up is how Rebecca Michaels shows her customer appreciation… don’t you feel the love? {I ordered a headband}

Next is a photog client of mine… vagabond def shows her appreciation with her packaging.

And last, but not least… Red Rooster’s packaging.

Thanks for stopping by, maybe you got a little inspiration. Now go and present your company well! If you need any design work or ideas feel free to shoot me an email for pricing.

Nov 26 2011


Happy Small Business Saturday! What a great idea! Read more about it… {}

A few ideas on how to Shop for Small Business Saturday.

1. Gift Certificates – Most local shops & restaurants offer gift certificates which make it easier for that someone special to get exactly what they wished for! I was talking to my aunt the other day and she had the idea of getting a gift certificate for carpet cleaning, I think that is a fabulous idea!! Something that you might put off with your own money but would love to have done.

Check out Violet Love Brands, Inc. – they offer gift certificates that you can redeem online if you can’t find a location near you to buy everything from headbands to loungewear to evening wear and all in rebecca michael’s signature soft fabrics.

2. A Clean House – Why not hire your favorite cleaning crew for your mother, auntie, sister, friend… ! I don’t know about you, but when things are busy, which they usually get even more so during the Holiday season, it is a wonderful feeling to have a clean, fresh house.

3. Photo Shoot – How bout paying for a photoshoot for your favorite family! Everyone loves family pics and if you are like us don’t get them done often enough!

Check out these fine photographers for the NE Missouri area { and} & the Austin, TX area {}

4. Handmade – Make something! And even if you aren’t the crafty type, something purchased that is handmade just makes it that much more special.

Check out Red Rooster Trading Company for some hand.built, beautiful & functional gifts. {} Use coupon code SMALLBIZSAT for 10% off all products!

There’s also A Girl Thing – Teresa and her girls repurpose vintage goods & clothing into fashionable pieces of clothing, jewelry & accessories.

I would love to hear what your gift ideas are and how you will shop Small Business Saturday!!


Oct 11 2011

vagabond photography – belts & pendants

OH MY GOODNESS! LOOK what I got in the mail today… Already have my pendant around my neck. You know you want your own vagabond photography belt & pendant with your kiddos, favorite pet, rig, location… with that vagabond style we all have come to know and love! And the way she packages her goods is just the icing on the cake!

vagabond currently resides in Austin, Texas… but is known to make trips to various parts of the world, more often to CA, WA & MO. Now is your chance to contact her to book your next shoot… just in time for Christmas! Can you imagine your vagabond pics as Christmas cards too… oh dear, you better hurry. or 949.335.2285

Mar 28 2011

Billboard, Billboards & MORE Billboards…

Hi, Spring is in the air and people are thinking about marketing their biz, standing out from the crowd, getting the word out! In spite of all the valuable online marketing tools, Billboards are still a great way to advertise your biz and grab someone’s attention. I had the privilege of working with several people in the Memphis, MO area on their billboards. If you are from this area, you may have seen them as you are on your way to and from work, school, grocery shopping, etc. Billboards are fun & challenging as you don’t want them to be too busy. You only get a small window of time to grab their attention as they are zooming by. See what we came up with below… and keep your eyes out on the road.

You may also recognize some of the Oakwood pics from our photoshoot with vagabond photography {}, not only is Amanda an amazing photographer but she also styles & stages her shoots! And Mona from Mona’s photography took the shots of the adorable babies on the SC Hospital billboard.

May 1 2010

get your own vagabond belt!

I just finished updating the website of vagabond photography. I recoded a bit of it to make it easier to update in the future, cleaned it up some and re-organized. Guess you could call it spring cleaning. Then for the fun part, I got to add more of her amazing pictures to the photography page and vagabond has reduced the prices of her belts!

Did you hear that? You can get your very own vagabond belt with reduced prices!! You’ll just have to check out her site for yourself and find your belt. A vagabond belt seems like a perfect gift for mom too, after all Mother’s day is just around the corner! If you don’t find that perfect one, you can always go for vagabond custom… contact her for more info See some pics below and to get the whole story check out the site. { }

Feb 22 2010

The Table Tent.

It is refreshing to have a client who realizes the value of marketing and good design. I have been working with Oakwood Industries on several promotional projects… the latest is a table tent. They will be used to place on Oakwood furniture mostly at their dealer locations. They wanted something to grab attention, but also be informative and let folks know about the quality finish they use, their 10 year warranty and last but certainly not least all their furniture is handbuilt in the good ol’ US of A.

{Of course I was able to use a couple of the photos taken by vagabond at our initial photoshoot… have I mentioned how nice it is to be able to have images galore to choose from and how it makes my job as a designer easier?}

Back to the table tents…we looked into a one piece paper-only table tent, but for the custom size they needed it was more cost effective to go with an acrylic A-frame table tent that holds two 8×10 flyers. The acrylic frames won’t be easily knocked over, will last a lot longer and the flyers can be replaced/refreshed if needed.

This is what Oakwood had to say… “We needed assistance in marketing, so we turned to Britta burrus design. Britta has done a superb job throughout the entire process of directing the photography, layout and design of our new catalog and brochures and other point of sale items. We are pleased with the high quality of work for a reasonable price and have gained a valuable resource for future marketing needs. We are very satisfied and would recommend Britta burrus design to anyone.” {note from designer: Happy clients make me happy!}

And check out the table tents below…

Oakwood table tent - front

Oakwood table tent - back

Feb 8 2010

Custom Ad Design.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Dayna, she was interested in an ad design for a newsletter put out in their community in Austin, TX. Cool beans! I love that technology allows me to have clients all over. And of course I always wonder ‘how did you hear about me?’… well she is a friend of vagabond {}. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to grow a business.

Anyway… she is a realtor in Austin and wanted her ad to stand out from the crowd, but provide enough info for those looking to buy, sell or lease homes. She provided info that she wanted to include and an amazing pic of a home she has sold. I had the pleasure to design & layout and I found this cool pic of an old-time fireman’s hat to use in a section to highlight an incentive for firemen only.

If you are looking to buy, sell or lease a home in the Austin area… I would say Dayna is the lady to contact. Check out the ad below. And if you are in need of ad design {print or web} I would love to hear from you. or 509.429.1989

Thanks for stopping by!

Feb 5 2010

Custom Christmas Cards

So, we’re back-tracking a bit… but just wanted to share this fun project I did before Christmas. I had the fun time of designing a Christmas card for the McKee family. It is a flat Christmas card designed to fit in a beautiful Red #10 envelope that opens from the top. It is a simple yet fun design not taking the focus away from the pic but maybe actually complementing it… what a concept. 🙂 The photography is by the one and only vagabond photography, it is always fun to work with Amanda. It makes my job as a designer so much easier and more fun when I have amazing pics to work with.

Tina wrote…”We had an abundance of compliments on the cards. Everyone loved them, they thought they were just a little different than everyone elses.” {note from the designer: I love that they were just a little different than everyone elses, sounds like maybe they stood out from the crowd a bit. :)}

It is never too early to start thinking about your custom Christmas {baby, anniversary, save the date, wedding, you name it} cards. If you are interested in custom stationary I would love to hear from you… or (509) 429.1989

Thanks for stopping by and taking a step back to 2009 with me! Have a great weekend!

Dec 9 2009

Oakwood Industries, LLC

Catalog Design & Layout

It has arrived! I just received the NEW Oakwood Industries, LLC catalog… and was so excited that I had to take a moment to share. This project has been one of the most extensive Bb design has had the opportunity to work on. We started fresh with all new photography. Bb design teamed up with vagabond photography for a photoshoot. {check out that post here} It made the design & layout so much easier to have such amazing photos to work with. From there the single shots of each image were extracted and everything organized to work with their collections. Of course we had to put some cool details throughout to make it stand out from the crowd.

You gotta check out their stuff… not only is it quality, will last forever {well, they do guarantee their furniture for 10 years, amazing!} and they have some very beautiful pieces. I have enjoyed working with the Oakwood team and am thankful for this experience. Check out the photos below and you might just keep Oakwood in mind this Christmas for that special someone who is hard to shop for! Stop by their showroom – HWY 136, Memphis, Missouri – to see what’s new and what you can get on your list.