Feb 5 2010

Custom Christmas Cards

So, we’re back-tracking a bit… but just wanted to share this fun project I did before Christmas. I had the fun time of designing a Christmas card for the McKee family. It is a flat Christmas card designed to fit in a beautiful Red #10 envelope that opens from the top. It is a simple yet fun design not taking the focus away from the pic but maybe actually complementing it… what a concept. 🙂 The photography is by the one and only vagabond photography, it is always fun to work with Amanda. It makes my job as a designer so much easier and more fun when I have amazing pics to work with.

Tina wrote…”We had an abundance of compliments on the cards. Everyone loved them, they thought they were just a little different than everyone elses.” {note from the designer: I love that they were just a little different than everyone elses, sounds like maybe they stood out from the crowd a bit. :)}

It is never too early to start thinking about your custom Christmas {baby, anniversary, save the date, wedding, you name it} cards. If you are interested in custom stationary I would love to hear from you… design@brittaburrus.com or (509) 429.1989

Thanks for stopping by and taking a step back to 2009 with me! Have a great weekend!

Aug 5 2009

Back in the groove…or maybe it’s grove!

So, if you hadn’t noticed I have not blogged in quite a while… our family went on a little vacation. We got outta the Grove & headed to Texas to meet our first ever nephew, Judah Davis Pulley. What a cutie… Jeff & Amanda are the proud parents. They are all doing great! Amanda took some amazing pics of him, see below for a sneak peek… check back soon to see the baby announcement I got to design for Judah!


Of course while we were gone our garden exploded! I had the chance to can some of our green beans before we left, but I came home to a refrigerator full of beans ready to can & more to pick soon. We were lucky to have Jeremy here to pick a load. I was so thankful to have help… my sister, dad & mom came back from Texas with us and I put them straight to work. They were pretty willing to help. 🙂 My mom says ‘you reap what you sow’, they are all going to reap big time! Since we have been back we have had such a plentiful harvest, it is really amazing. God is so cool!





We have had a garden each year since we have been here, I guess this is our third year. And what a harvest!! We have all snapped & canned, snapped & canned green beans galore, then we even had enough to share with Justin’s mom and aunt. There will be plenty in the winter to enjoy. I now understand where the saying ‘beans coming out of your ears’ came from… Besides green beans, we have cucumbers, squash, zukes, tomatoes, taters, onions & soon to come, corn. We have made zucchini bread, salsa & tried squash several different ways. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am so so so thankful for all the help. I don’t know how I would have gotten any of this done without it. Especially when work calls… 🙂 see why I haven’t blogged for a while.

Thanks for checking out the blog, please come back soon… I will have some new projects up for you to enjoy.