May 1 2010

get your own vagabond belt!

I just finished updating the website of vagabond photography. I recoded a bit of it to make it easier to update in the future, cleaned it up some and re-organized. Guess you could call it spring cleaning. Then for the fun part, I got to add more of her amazing pictures to the photography page and vagabond has reduced the prices of her belts!

Did you hear that? You can get your very own vagabond belt with reduced prices!! You’ll just have to check out her site for yourself and find your belt. A vagabond belt seems like a perfect gift for mom too, after all Mother’s day is just around the corner! If you don’t find that perfect one, you can always go for vagabond custom… contact her for more info See some pics below and to get the whole story check out the site. { }

Apr 17 2010

Matthew 25

I recently had the opportunity to work with Matthew 25. They are all about helping & meeting the physical needs of people and showing them who Jesus is, He is good, faithful, full of grace, He loves each one of us just as we are. Matthew 25.40 says… I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. — These folks are doing a lot for Jesus! They wanted a site that would be informative of how others can get involved to help our ‘neighbors’, but making sure they show the heart of their ministry which is the people they can & do help.

I think we came up with the perfect site. It is a custom designed WordPress Site… that way they have all the wonderfulness of wordpress, but a custom Bb site design that sure does stand out from the crowd. {A little bit of that WP wonderfulness = CMS (Content Management System – they can login and update or add new pages), blog or latest events, plugins galore}. Taking it to the next level we added a transitioning slideshow showing the people of the ministry.

Check out their site {}.

Jan 15 2010

Conference on the Young Years

I have been working with Jamie of Custom Meeting Planners on all the promotional materials for the 37th Annual Conference on the Young Years. We have completed the cover design {which is what we base all the other materials on}, tote, pens, banners, letterhead and website. We have a few more items to finish up. But check out the site for now… {}


Jul 7 2009

Team K Outfitters

Another Bb design branding project. We started with the logo and moved on to the website… the challenge with each of our clients’ sites is to keep it fresh, attractive, unique to the business but still keep it professional, clean & easy to navigate. Don’t you want to go hunt with these guys? Check it out…

<img alt="" src="" title="Teamk K Outfitters
<a href="" target="blank">visit site

Jun 11 2009

the Bb website.

These are screen shots of the Bb site… I have always wanted to use a cool, old book for the base of my site. It was a little tricky to mix print with web, but I think all the hard work and thought was well worth the effort.

The world of websites is such an ever-changing world and we strive to provide our clients with the best! both visually and with the functionality of a site, all the while keeping our prices competitive. After all Britta burrus design is a small business too and understands the value of the marketing dollar! Check out the site {} and let us know what you think.

If you {or someone you know} is in need of a website that stands out from the crowd please call (509)429-1989 or email for custom estimate.

Apr 27 2009

Kirksville Arts Association

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the Kirksville Arts Association on the design-only part of  their new website. I met with the website committee & Todd Kuhns took my final design and programmed all of it through wordpress, from there I got to take it back and add content and images.  Check out the KAA site for the newest exhibits and the events taking place in their great building in downtown Kirksville, MO.

Jan 7 2009

36th Annual Conference on the Young Years.

This is the latest site from Britta burrus design. It is a temporary, text-heavy site to provide information on their annual conference. We started with a Program cover and took that theme and used it in all their promotional materials… postcard, letterhead, website etc. Since there is so much text on the site, we wanted to keep it clean but still appealing and easy to find what you need. Visit the site here…