May 16 2010

CAWSS :: Custom Website

I had the opportunity to design & build this site a while back, but recently they had me add some of their products to the site. They decided to use paypal to accept credit card payments securely. I highly recommend paypal { for products and/or services }… it has a lot of pros and haven’t come across too many cons. { PAYPAL Pros : very user-friendly, easy to set up buttons, secure, no ssl certificate required, no merchant visa acct required, they take care of the credit card numbers so that you don’t have to have that responsibility, first level has no monthly fee and a low per transaction percentage, I know there are more… }

Anyway… check out the site here CAWSS. And if you are interested in a custom website or adding paypal to your site I would be happy to give you a custom estimate. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!